Sunday, February 24, 2013

Visualize. Visualize. Visualize.

So for the past few weeks, I've been visualizing IMTX...a lot.  Saturday as I was about half way done with my 80 mile ride, it occurred to me that I have another important race BEFORE IMTX that could certainly benefit from a little visualizing.  Galveston. 

On April 7th, I'll be tackling a race that I DNF'd two years ago.  As of right now, I'm 1 for 3 in finishing races in Galveston.  I'm hoping that after Galveston 70.3, I'll be batting .500 and I can stop racing there.  :)

I spent about 20 miles of my ride Saturday just thinking about Galveston.  I thought about what the purpose of that race is, what I need to do, what I want to do and then I visualized what I will do.  In all honesty, I'm not stressing over it.  Galveston 70.3 is a tough race for many but I'm prepared and I know what I need to do to execute the best race for me.  I'm actually super excited to go down there and finally finish a half iron in lovely G-Town!

This coming Saturday I'll be running The Woodlands Half Marathon again.  I guess that maybe I should spend a little time visualizing this race while I'm at it.  It's funny b/c once you do a bunch of longer distance tri's, running a half marathon feels like "just" a short little race.  It's still 2 hours of running!  

I mentioned above that this weekend I had 80 miles on my schedule.  Keith & I set off early Saturday morning as we needed to get home so we could get on the road for San Marcos.  For me, the first part of the ride felt a little tough.  Nothing crazy.  Keith kept telling me how great I was riding and at that moment, it occurred to me that maybe I was letting the mental doubts creep out.  After that point, I felt nothing but strong. Most of the ride was on the IMTX course which I love riding on.  I was super excited b/c I finished this ride feeling so much stronger so felt I did something right.  And I had lots of gas left in the tank as I felt like I could've ridden another 30 miles with no problem.  32 more to be exact. :)

My next ride will be a short one given my race on Saturday.  The weekend of Em's wedding, Keith & I will tackle a 90 miler before heading out of town.  I am SO pumped.  I've already mapped this ride and it will be on what I consider to be the toughest part of the IMTX course and I am very much looking forward to it.  Keith thinks Ana & I have it out for him as he thinks I'm ramping up way faster than 2 years ago and he thinks I have a sick habit of mapping tough routes.  :)

Given the hours I've been working, my swimming has taken a backseat but I'm planning on giving more attention to those workouts after I get through the next week or two.  After that, I should have more time in my schedule to make everything work.  I really don't like missing any workout but sometimes, there's nothing that can be done.  Either way, I'm staying very positive and know that I'm in great shape for some great races.  

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Happy Training!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Full Steam Ahead!!!

Life is freaking busy!  With a new project at work, my schedule is just as intense as it always is this time of year.  I'm not sure why I kid myself and ever think that "this year will be different".  It's never different!  I'm not complaining....don't get me wrong.  I love my job and love that I get to do new things.  It's just tough when you're training for an Ironman.  Getting it all in is really, really hard.  

Training is going pretty darn well given the hours I'm working and the minimal amount of sleep I'm getting.  I feel like I'm ramping up faster than I did 2 years ago when I last trained for this distance.  This past weekend, Keith & I had a 60 mile ride and this coming weekend, we'll be tackling 70.  I am so freaking excited.  I really love my time on the bike.  Riding with Keith is still awesome too.  We're getting so good at helping each other out by taking turns pulling (although I think he always makes me pull up the hills).  :)

Here are some pictures from our most recent 60 miler.  We had a great, great ride.  The route was pretty hilly but super fun.  We'll be doing most of this route for our 70 miler too.  When Keith learned we were going 70, he wondered if Ana was trying to kill him.  :)  Well technically, she's not giving him workouts...he's just tagging along to keep me company.  Love my man!

Ironman is just over 3 months away.  Which means Galveston 70.3 is just under 2 months away.  Oh sweet holy Mary. I am very excited, yes but also a bit nervous.  I know I'm stronger than ever and I know I'll be ready. When you race these distances, I don't think you ever go into completely at ease.  I mean, anything can happen (oh how I learned that lesson a time or two). 

I've already started visualizing my IMTX race.  Yep, I'm that anal.  Seriously though, with my new assignment at work, I find myself with a longer commute since I get to go to the Galleria area every day.  What else is there to do when you find yourself in traffic for 2 hrs?  I turn on Eminem and visualize my race...every leg.  I picture myself getting out of the water and smiling b/c I'm SO happy the swim is done.  Then I picture myself having a kick ass bike.  I'm strong, steady & smart.  Then I picture myself running just like I did in the Houston Half (ok, I probably won't run that well on race day but a girl can imagine).  When I finish, my time is always in the 13hr range.  Yes, another dream.  LOL.  

So there you have it.  IMTX training is here and before I know it, I'm going to be packing my gear bags and bursting into tears when I have to check my bike in.  I am SO ready for this!

Happy Hump Day!!!!

Our chariots.  Have I mentioned I love my bike?

3 layers on top = not too cold.  Enjoying the day!

View of Johnson Rd from the rest stop.  I just liked how the sun was coming through.

Leaving Dacus, heading towards Richards.  I stared in this direction for a bit, thinking about IMTX.  :)

My man is enjoying the day too.  :)