Monday, August 29, 2016

Ryan Lochte made me do it!

So this post will not be about Ryan Lochte at all. I just thought it would be funny to title it as such so that when someone does a Google search for said athlete, they'll be directed to my blog.  I actually think they will be better off reading about what I'm doing vs what he's doing but that's just me.  

Since I last wrote, I ran my 26th half marathon!  So there has been much back & forth on my part regarding which number race this was exactly.  The reason for this confusion is quite simple now that I've reviewed my handy dandy tracking sheet.  I track my past and upcoming races in one spot so I can easily calculate my average times (not anal at all).  I had planned on doing several races this year that I ultimately did not race due to my work schedule. I forgot to remove those from my tracker and so was off on my run count.  I've since corrected this issue and 26 is indeed the magic number.  So what does that mean?  Well, that means I have 3,001 days to run 24 more half marathons.  I have to admit, I had a minor panic attack a few weeks ago when someone (who shall remain nameless because I'm SURE they were only kidding) asked if I was sure I could make my deadline.  I had to sit down and check my trusty spreadsheet to make sure I really could do it.  Yes, the answer is yes!  I need to hit 50 by the time I turn 50 but really, I'm trying to time it so my 50th race will be on my 15th Houston Half anniversary as that was my very first half marathon.  And as luck would have it, that anniversary will come shortly after I turn 47 so that means I'm probably going to need to average 4.8 races a year to do that.  Yeahhhhhhh.  

Back to my 26th race though.  For those of you that love destination races, Seawheeze Half Marathon was nothing short of amazing!  Vancouver has quickly jumped to the top of my list of places I want to move too - and Keith agrees!!  I seriously can't wait to go back!  The race course was absolutely beautiful with great cheer zones.  Spectator support isn't as big as Houston but the beauty of the city more than makes up for it.  My only real gripe was that they ran out of water at the finish line on a day that was about 85 with 80% humidity.  Oh, and that you had to walk up a big ass hill to get to the food.  Nope!  

So what else is new?  Oilman training!  I've tried to ease back into things and running a half with very little training was one way to go about that.  While I tend to laugh at things like this, I have to admit that the past week or so, I've been kicking myself.  I've been having this nagging knee pain that I've blamed on running 13.1 on half ass training.  The funny thing is, I have absolutely ZERO pain when I run.  Weird things like laying down and then lifting my leg hurts my knee.  And it typically gets aggravated after I've been to Orangetheory and have done lots of lunges and squats.  I had knee surgery on my right knee back in 2004 and was told then the issue I had with my lateral ligaments was also present in my left knee and that I'd eventually need surgery on that one as well.  Keith has encouraged me to go to the doctor but I'm not going to. Here is my thought process.  If I go to the doctor, there is a chance they could tell me my nagging fear is true and I need knee surgery and I'll miss IMTX.  But given my knee does not hurt when I swim, bike or run, I figure there is not need to worry about it.  :)  You may think this logic is flawed and I admit, it's not the most sound.  That's why I've instead agreed to give it a little time to heal and avoid doing lunges and squats for a bit to see if it feels better.  If it does, then it was just a pesky over-use injury and if it doesn't, I'll go in and just pray to all that's holy that it's something not requiring surgery.  

With that, I'm going to shut this awesome, non-Ryan Lochte post down for the night but will leave you with some recent pictures.  Happy training!

Coal Harbour, Vancouver

Race morning!

Who doesn't love mermaids (or mermen) on the race course?

Post race I'm all smiles despite being super thirsty!

A dazed smile after a weekend workout sesh!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Too Wong Foo...Thanks for everything Hardy Toll Road!

It's official!  I've forked over more money than anyone in my family believes should be spent on a race and have signed up for IMTX 2017 - my 3rd Ironman.  The big day will be Saturday, April 22nd and I've already given my family the heads up to mark the date down. And we even have a bike course - the Hardy Toll Road.  Time to get a toll tag for my QR! 

Lunch for the week is all made.
Well, as I mentioned in May, I'm all signed up for Oilman Half Ironman and my training for that officially started this week.  I'm easing back into the training saddle and so far, can't complain.  I also started back on my meal plan this week.  For months I've been saying I needed to get back on the wagon as I've definitely packed on some unwanted pounds.  While I'm not as heavy as I was when I first went on this plan back in 2012, I'm heavier than I want to be and certainly carrying more weight than I want to drag around a long race course.  I'm finding there are certain things I missed about meal plan life.  In no particular order, they are:  (1) no brainer when it comes to what I'm going to eat in a day, (2) absolutely no work other than maybe popping something in the microwave, (3) Bragg's Liquid Amino - enough said and (4) feeling good after only a few days - no bloating and no tummy aches!  On the flip side, there are a few things I DEFINITELY don't miss.  In no particular order, they are:  (1) having to run the dishwasher every other day due to the obscene amount of tupperware I'm going through, (2) getting a stomach ache any time I get my allowable cheat meal, (3) no wine during the week - insert sad face here, (4) having to eat every 3 hours so therefore, having to be mindful of where I'll be when it's grazing time, (5) no Starbucks except for the weekend and that's only if I get my long workout in, (6) did I mention no wine during the week, (7) tilapia.  every.  day. -- week 1 only though, (8) debating whether or not anyone would notice if I moved my computer to the ladies bathroom given the amount of times per day I have to pee and (9) "pudding".  Keith & I are traveling part of next week so I won't be able to cook all my week 2 meals so I'll just have to be really good about watching what I order when we're out.  No biggie.  

Keith will be doing a lot of my training with me which I'm super excited about.  We'll be getting on our bikes this weekend and easing back into riding on the road.  It's going to be awesome awesome awesome!  He's even going to hit the pool with me on Friday.  What, what?!??!  That's right, he's finally going to make good on his threat to show me up in the pool.  At first I thought maybe, just maybe he was fast.  But then he told me he needs to learn to breathe so I'm thinking I'm ok.  More on that.  :)

Of course, training for an Ironman with the complication of having an incredibly demanding job is something many balance.  We decided my long work weeks and terrible commute weren't challenging enough so we got a puppy.  This was totally by chance or if you were to ask Keith, #giftfromgod.  Any of you reading this are probably FB friends with me so know the story but for those of you who were unlucky enough to stumble upon this blog when you did a Google search for "Ironman Texas" or "completely awesome blogs", I'll give you the Cliff's Notes version.  A week ago today, I found a dog on our front porch.  Filthy, tired, scared and flea infested no less.  My youngest step-daughter rushed over (mainly b/c she wanted naming rights) and helped me clean the beast and then went to Wal Mart with me to get her some essentials.  The vet visit confirmed what we suspected, no chip.  From saying, "if she's a Great Pyrenees, we are not keeping her" to seeing her sweet face and then saying, "we have to keep her", it was meant to be.  So yes, the vet believes she is a full Great Pyrenees who is about 4 months old.  They have also told us she will very likely weigh more than 100lbs.  (Side note:  we purchased an at home DNA kit and are hoping to learn she's a Pyr/Yorkie mix and will only get to be 40lbs -- she's 29.9lbs today so that's probably a pipe dream).  

So that's what I know. It feels good to slowly get back into the swim, bike, run of things.  Happy training, y'all!

Breakfast & snacks for the week.  So yummy.  Not!
And....dinner for the week.  At least there's color!
Sugar-free, almond milk latte for the win!
Our new dog, Ellie Stormy Chalfant.

Monday, May 23, 2016

This is how it all begins. This is always how it all begins.

I'm officially signed up for Oilman Half Ironman in November!  I'm fairly predictable as most of you know.  Days after deciding I would to IMTX again, I figured it was time to start thinking about the races building up to it.  This can be challenging when you don't even have a date for said race.  I told myself I would be patient. I told myself there was no rush.  Wait another month and go from there.  About 15 minutes after that riveting conversation with myself, I signed up for Oilman.  On the off chance IMTX 2017 isn't meant to be, I figured I at least wouldn't feel like this was a wasted race entry.  I needed something to kick me in the ass and get me focused on training again.  Funny how a 70.3 will do that to you!  

November 2012 - My last start (and finish at Oilman)
About 5 minutes after signing up for Oilman, I started wondering what my lead in races for that should be.  And so it begins.  Predictable, huh?  I'm happy to report that I haven't signed up for anything else yet but not from a lack of trying. I'm having trouble deciding if I want to do a couple sprints or a sprint and then oly.  Or maybe just an oly.  I'm going to noodle on it a few more hours.  :)

Still no news about IMTX.  At least nothing I've heard.  I really hope this bike course gets sorted out before I change my mind.  Or before my work schedule changes my mind for me.  It won't but I know I'm going to second guess myself.  A lot.  I'm at the tail end of my busy season right now and still not quite in the right frame of my mind.  As I sit here and type this post right now, I could've sworn it was Thursday versus the sad, pathetic Monday it actually is.  Adulting kind of sucks.

With that, I should probably attempt to sleep.  Good night, y'all!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Don't you love it when you make a decision but then still aren't sure what will happen?

I did not intend for the title of this post to be so long.  In fact, several things I intended haven't come to be.  After talking with my hubby, I had come to the 90% decision that I would be signing up for Ironman Texas 2017.  I knew that 2013 would not be my last IM and as many of you recall, signed up for IMAZ.  But then I got a promotion at work and then engaged and I very quickly realized racing wasn't going to be possible.  Every few months I would think about racing but decided that the occasional 5k and 13.1 were going to be fine for awhile.  Then IMTX 2015 came around and I obsessively watched the live feed.  The itch was back.  Fast forward to now.

Over the past few weeks, thoughts of IM were dancing through my head a lot more.  The day we cleaned the garage I knew I was in trouble.  Seeing all my bike gear and Ironman stuff laying around had me reminiscing.  This past week I was thinking about it daily so Thursday night, I asked Keith what he thought about me signing up in 2017.  He was on board immediately.  I was giddy.  I had decided I wanted to do a "reveal" and post a picture a day until Sunday.  I would try to be clever as to not give it away completely.  And then on Sunday morning, I would drive up to Ironman Village and happily hand over my money at on-site registration.  Keith would take a picture of me and I'd post that as my confirmation along with the pictures I used as hints in one collage.  Well, it's Sunday night and I'm not signed up but am sharing my decision anyway.

Those of you who haven't been following IMTX news don't know the challenges race organizers faced with respect to the bike course.  Basically, 75 days prior to the race, the planned bike course was not approved and a new one needed to be found.  A new course was identified but then the rain hit and part of the course was washed away or deemed not rideable.  So the bike course would be shortened to 94 miles but the race would go on.  I don't know why there was no onsite registration today as that is typically standard with IM races but let's face it, nothing was typical about IMTX this year.  A few folks have speculated that they are not taking our money as they want to make sure the new bike course is finalized and hopefully, will know more in 60 days.  Others have speculated that IM is not going to return to The Woodlands despite the contract that has them here through 2020.  I found my self glued to FaceBook today as I tried to figure out what was going on.  THIS is the part of training for this event I nearly forgot about - the constant trolling on social media to see what is going on.  

All I can tell you now is what I know for sure.  I REALLY want to race IMTX next year but if that's not possible, I will be finding another IM to sign up for.  This might be my last (well, at least my last for a long, long time) so I really want it to be in my own backyard where my family can come out and cheer me on.  I can't believe I'm doing this again!

So now I know I will be back to blogging although not too much until training officially starts.  I'll be looking at the race calendar and start thinking about what races I'll do leading up to my 3rd Ironman. there are other things to decide but I'll not bore you with that now.  I mean, I need to have something else to blog about.

So that's what I know and now you know too.  Back to obsessively looking for IMTX scoop!

Happy training (yayayayayayayayay)!

Friday, January 29, 2016

In Memorium

I am the type of person who does a lot better dealing with emotions if I write. And so, I'm writing.  Today is the day Keith & I had to euthanize our beloved dog, Sophie.

This tiny little being came into our lives January 2006.  She started out as Keith's dog as he was looking for a furry companion.  Sophie immediately stole the heart of all she met - especially me.  Keith and I hadn't been dating terribly long and we were on & off in the early days but if he was traveling or working late, I got to take care of Sophie.  A few years later, he started traveling to Fort Worth regularly for work and Sophie did not care for his apartment so she started staying with me more regularly. 

Sophie was a spunky girl who didn't care for most people but loved her family, especially her daddy.  So many times I would mention "daddy" and her ears would perk up and she would tilt her head to one side.  When he would return from out of town, she would go nuts and greet him with the best slobber kisses ever.  And I was no slouch in her eyes either.  Sophie loved her mommy so much and I might have been her favorite cuddle buddy.  She and I developed a routine in our new home.  When I was home from work and done exercising or just piddling around the house, I would sit in our red chair and she would join me.  She always wanted to be on my lap, under a blanket.  It was best I didn't move as to avoid disturbing the Princess.  On weekends, Keith would often ask if he was "chopped liver" as the dogs would join me on the chair as soon as I sat there.  I loved it.  This is something I am going to miss terribly.  I half-joked with Keith that we might need to get rid of the chair as I just don't know I'll enjoy it as much without our sweet girl.  

Sophie was relatively young when she became ill.  First she had an issue with her eye that never really improved but thankfully, never worsened.  Not long after that, Sophie got really sick.  We thought she had just been enjoying one too many good meals and was putting on weight when in reality, fluids were building up in her abdomen and under her skin. We felt like horrible dog parents.  How could we mistake this for weight gain?  When we had taken Sophie in for extreme lethargy and lack of appetite, we were referred to the Small Animal Hospital at Texas A&M.  Sophie was soon diagnosed with lymphangieasia and Protein-Losing Enteropathy.  In short, Sophie was losing proteins through her intestines and had other digestive related issues.  While there is no cure for this, it can be managed with a strict, low fat diet and meds. A lot of meds.  Finding the right combination of meds took time but soon, Sophie was returning to normal - a new normal.  Over the years, she would have relapses for various reasons.  We would go to A&M and they would tinker with her meds, often times adding a new one.  Towards the end, she was on more than 9 meds, many of which I couldn't pronounce correctly.  She would be put on a new med usually after a current med started causing issues.  For example, one of the meds caused her blood to clot.  Another one damaged her liver and over time, would destroy it.  If it wasn't one thing, it was another.  She had a pulmonary embolism at one point.  Honestly, I've lost track of everything she had.  Her file at A&M was so large, they had to start a new one.  We often joked that the renovations they've been doing there have been funded by Sophie's visits.  We were visiting College Station every 4-6 weeks.  

The past several months, Sophie has lived a good life.  No, she's lived a great life.  There were days she played like she did when she was much younger.  She wasn't retaining fluids and maintained her girlish figure.  Her "treats" were carrots and she loved them, but that didn't stop her from begging at every.single.meal.  Sophie loved her cuddles, belly rubs and cuddles with mom & dad.  She had a best friend/sister in our Yorkie, Leia.  They behaved like typical sisters - Sophie, the older sister, tolerated Leia.  And Leia worshiped Sophie.  When Sophie didn't feel well, Leia was never far away.  She would sniff her and lick her and annoy the crap out of her.  It was so sweet to watch. The past few weeks though, Sophie wasn't quite herself.  Looking back now, we can see it was a gradual decline - so gradual I think we missed some signs.  Last week Sophie seemed lazier than usual.  She was sleeping a lot.  Like a lot, a lot.  We joked that she was definitely her daddy's dog.  Sophie was losing her balance here & there, usually when she got really excited.  She would spread her paws out and then fall over.  It scared the crap out of us.  She would try to jump on the chair but would kind of stumble and have to try again.  Then I noticed she was not putting her hind right paw down.  I checked it and moved it but she didn't squeal or anything.  By Sunday, she was definitely not herself at all.  She wasn't eating much and didn't come running for things she typically would.  I told Keith that if she wasn't better by Wednesday, I'd take her in.  

Monday morning I went to the dentist and when I got home, something just wasn't right.  She hadn't eaten and wouldn't go outside to potty.  I had to carry her out and put her on the grass.  She could walk and did walk when she was out there. I called the vet and took her in.  They did bloodwork and her protein levels were very, very low.  Dang it.  She was clearly having a relapse.  She was also very dehydrated.  They kept her overnight, giving her fluids and steroids.  They called me the next day though as Sophie was far more alert, feisty AND wanting her food.  Whew, crisis averted. Stick to her meds and get her protein back in line. We're good.  I drove through Starbucks with her and she was flirting with the cashier (trying to get a puppy latte).  We went home and she ate nearly all her food and then cuddled with me.  All was right in our world.  We went to bed and in the middle of the night Sophie had horrible diarrhea.  I cleaned everything up and we went back to bed.  I chalked it up to her only having fluids the day before and not being 100%.  

I debated going to work on Wednesday but had meetings and had already worked from home Monday so felt I should go in.  I will regret this decision for a long time.  I put Leia in her crate when I left as Sophie hadn't eaten much breakfast and I didn't want our little piggy to eat all of Sophie's food.  I also didn't want her getting into any messes Sophie might create if her tummy was still upset.  I left work a little early and was home by 4:45pm.  As soon as I opened the door, I knew something wasn't right.  When the garage door opens and the alarm is turned off, Sophie ALWAYS is at the back door to greet us.  Always.  I called for Sophie but nothing.  I ran around the house like a lunatic but couldn't find her. I went into our bedroom and on the other side of the bed, Sophie was collapsing over and over. Every time she tried to stand, she collapsed.  Her hind legs were not functioning.  I grabbed her, let Leia out of the crate and went outside with the phone and called the vet.  I was frantic.  Sophie wasn't very alert and was clearly scared.  The vet said to come in right away but told me they may have to send us to an ER given the time of day and depending on what it could be.  They did share with me that it could be a ruptured disc or a blood clot.  I got to the vet and they told me that whatever was going on, it wasn't good.  Sophie not only had no use of her hind legs, she couldn't feel anything.  I watched them poke and pinch her with a hemostat and she didn't flinch.  This was serious and I needed to get her to A&M ASAP.  I drove there and contacted a few folks to let them know what was happening.  I was a wreck.  

A&M ultimately determined Sophie had a blood clot that was restricting/blocking blood flow to her hind legs.  They also let me know that it could be treated medically (we're talking viles of meds that were $400 each) vs surgically and that Sophie would have a 50:50 prognosis.  They just needed to talk to Internal Medicine to make sure they were ok with the treatment plan - basically needed to make sure that all the meds she was on would work together.  Sadly, Internal Med didn't sign off and Sophie's prognosis was no longer 50:50.  All they said was, "her prognosis is much lower".  Could the clot break up on it's own?  Yes.  Could they give us something else to help?  Yes but at this point, blood flow had been restricted for at least 7 hours and possibly 14 hours.  That meant damage to her legs would be permanent and she would not walk again.  They didn't even know if she could eliminate on her own.  At 2am, Sophie & I left A&M (me in tears).  She was sedated and I was exhausted.  Keith was in San Francisco and I called him and we cried.  I pulled over at one point because I thought she wasn't breathing.  We knew the time had come and just hoped Sophie would make it until Keith could get home.  I told Keith he had to be the one to call our vet to schedule the appointment because I could not do it. No.  Hell no.  

I stayed home from work on Thursday and laid in bed with Sophie most of the day. And I cried.  I cried more than I thought humanly possible.  I did not know it was possible to produce that amount of snot and tears.  I second guessed our decision non-stop.  I gave her steroids and her blood thinning meds because I thought maybe, just maybe, she would surprise us all and get up and walk.  Grasping.  At.  Straws.  Keith got home at 1am and we cried.  This morning, I woke up and within about 45 seconds, I was crying.  I told Keith I needed him to call the vet and make sure they would tell us if we were making a mistake by putting a potentially healthy dog down. Yes, I was still in denial.  Keith is a saint and made the call and had the conversation.  Sophie would have no quality of life.  We were making the right decision for Sophie.  That's when Keith lost it and when I finally found some peace in our decision. 

Sophie had an amazing day today.  She cuddled with mommy most of the morning.  Her cousin, Avery, called to say goodbye.  She had bacon for breakfast and then napped with dad. We basked in the sun and then she watched mommy get ready - something she did every morning.  Yes, I finally decided to bathe today as I didn't want her to have the smelly mom at the clinic.  Daddy then grilled her a delicious filet for lunch.  She knew she was in heaven.  Then she went on her very first Ferrari ride.  We cuddled some more and then left for Starbucks to get her a puppy latte.  We spoiled her and gave her all the things she always wanted but never could have because of her restrictive diet.  We documented the day and created a shared album that we shared with the girls.  Everyone got to share in the love we showed her today.  

Sophie passed peacefully in my arms with her daddy and sister next to her.  Surprisingly, I held it together until the vet said, "she's gone".  

While she was only 7lbs, she is leaving a major hole in our lives.  She was an amazing buddy to both of us.  She made us laugh all the time.  She was so smart.  And sneaky.  She loved us unconditionally and we loved her back.  The house is too quiet without her.  I am going to miss her "yelling" at me every morning to feed her.  I'm going to miss her sitting on the rug in our bathroom every morning as I got ready.  I'm going to miss falling asleep with her on the chair.  I'm going to miss her getting excited when we asked her if she wanted a "treat" or go for a ride.  I probably won't miss her horrid farts.  Lol.  I know it will take time, but soon, we'll be able to talk about all the fun times and smile.  

Rest in peace, Sophie.  We will love you forever!

12/10/05 - 1/29/16

Monday, October 26, 2015

Racing Reboot: Take 3!

While I’ve had every intention of getting back to blogging, life has just been keeping me busy.  On top of that, this blog was really intended to follow my Ironman training and other racing.  So if I’m not really racing or training for anything, why blog?  I mean, I don’t want to waste the time of my 3 loyal readers.  ☺

I was able to successfully avoid racing most of the year despite having signed up for several events.  Lots of changes at work constantly threw a wrench into my plans.  As you guys know, I like schedules and when I get thrown out of my routine, I just can't thrive.  After months of feeling like I had started & stopped and started & stopped, it was finally time to race again.  The Chicago Marathon. 

I may have been slower than NYC but I earned this medal!!
For months I knew I would not have the same type of result I enjoyed at the NYC Marathon in 2013.  I wasn't putting in the same level of training and I was not at fighting weight.  While I haven't put back on all the weight I lost before, I've put enough back on to be pissed off.  But I'll get to that.  Keith, Kevin & I went to Chicago and did lots of sight seeing, eating and walking.  I'll spare you the play by play of the 26.2 miles except to say that Chicago puts on one impressive race.  Well supported, great spectators, amazing volunteers and a great course.  There were a few miles between 1 & 26 that really sucked but for the most part, I enjoyed every minute of this race.  I did tell Keith I'd love to do it again once I can get back to training consistently.  I'd love to get the time I know I can get.  

Me & my man post race.  I may not look the cutest but I sure to love how happy I was!

Now, for some strange reason, I thought it was a great idea to sign up for a triathlon the week after Chicago.  ONE WEEK.  This is after having not done a tri since October 2013.  Yes, that's right - my break from triathlon turned into a TWO YEAR HIATUS.  The day before the race, I absolutely wanted to skip it. I got up Saturday morning and ran errands with Keith and dicked around most of the day before doing my pre-race prep. I actually think it was 3pm before I rode my bike and ran for a bit.  I didn't bother to swim.  I figured that if I couldn't survive 300 m, I didn't deserve to survive.  I stayed the night with my sister so I didn't have to get to the race site and the butt crack of dawn.  I headed to transition to get body marked with that wonderful 41 even though I'm not 41 yet.  My wave was the last wave so I had plenty of time to get ready.  The last time I was at this rate, I had a magnificent PR and finished in 1:06 - a time I know I'm unlikely to hit again.  My swim was only 15 seconds shorter than last time (not sure if I should be happy or annoyed).  I was #1 out of T1 with the fastest time of my group.  Small victories baby!  I thought I had a very solid bike ride but only averaged around 17mph.  My run was exactly what I thought it would be - slow.  No doubt my body was fatigued from the marathon one short week earlier but I did it AND I had an absolute blast.  There is no doubt in my mind that I want to get back to triathlon.  I just need to be super realistic about my training and my expectations.  And I know me, while I had fun at this race, the time I got is not one that will satisfy me again.  

Am I really doing this?

Me with my awesome support crew.  So happy to have family out there with me!!

So what's next?  Well, I'm doing the Tomball Dash again a few days before my bday and am looking forward to a fast (for my current state) run. I'm also signed up for the BCS Half again with two of my sister and brother-in-law.  This is strictly a C race for me as I'm doing it with them and I'm not going to be *that* girl who ditches her family.  I'm already officially signed up for FIVE half marathons next year and will be signed up for SIX once BCS 2016 opens up for registration.  I'm still on my quest to run 50x50 (50 halves by the time I'm 50). Assuming I stay healthy, I am in very good shape to meet that goal.  Also, I'm going to try for my sub-2 hour half.  And if I'm honest, I know that I need all the stars to align - fast course, perfect temps, no injuries and a lighter load to carry.  Yep, I'm going to have to buckle down and get back to fighting weight if I'm going to have a shot in hell.  I did a great job dropping weight in 2012 and I kept it all off up until the point Keith proposed and I got a new job at work.  After that, I was not racing, not training consistently and frankly, enjoying married life.  Well, it's time to get disciplined again.  This is my first week back on the "meal plan". I'm actually excited to be doing this again as I know I will see results and I know it will be worth it. I'm just going to miss not carrying about how much wine I drink with my hubby on the weekends.  That should tell you how badly I want to go 1:59:59 at least once.  :) 

So there you have it.  I've finally blogged again and I'm finally back to racing.  It may not be pretty but it's something!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

A new beginning?

It has been months since I last posted.  Years since I completed a triathlon (ok, not years years but you know what I mean).

So much has happened the past few months but now it's time to get back into a good routine. It's time to brush off the race belt and start thinking about what's next. 

This post is short and sweet but be warned - more to come!