Thursday, May 31, 2012

Holy crap, RACE WEEK!

I didn't forget it was race week.  I mean, I've been thinking about it for a few weeks now.  I just got so busy, I forgot to post about it being race week.  :)  Either way, I'm posting now and that means you get two posts from me in a span of just a few days.  You are SO lucky.

Tejas Sprint Triathlon is this Sunday and I'm super excited.  My workouts have been going well and I am anxious to race again.  My swimming feels like it's kind of sucked a bit lately but nothing major.  I need to figure out a good schedule that allows me to start masters again or get in some solid swim workouts w/ others b/c that always helps a ton.  Oh well, a problem for another day. 

Dorina, Keith & Luke will be racing as a relay team this weekend as well.  Given how well they did at OilMan in November, I think they definitely will kick some ass on Sunday.  I get in the water 30 minutes before them so unfortunately, won't be able to cheer them on.  If all goes well, I should finish before Luke....I really hope so.  If a 30 minute head start doesn't help, not much will.  

I stumbled upon the quote above on Pinterest (nope, haven't been on there lately).  Obviously this quote is perfect for the next big race I train for.  As I read it again, I realized it really can apply to so many other parts of my life, not just the racing part.  I wonder if I can stencil this on the wall in my workout room.  Hmmmm, Sunday project anyone?

With that, I'm going to sign off and head to bed.  For a short work week, I sure am tired!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dreams of PRs dancing in my head!

This is post was recorded at an earlier time.  :)

I’ve been telling those close to me that volunteering/spectating at an Ironman is very dangerous.  While the post-race feeling is not as thrilling, I find myself more motivated than I thought I would be to sign up again.  And it’s not like I went into volunteering/spectating sitting on the fence.  Oh no!  I have been telling people for nearly a year that I would be back in 2013.  But being out there Saturday totally cemented it for me.  I will be there come hell or high water. 

The dangerous part though is the crazy thoughts it puts in your head.  I spent the better part of my lunch break today thinking about what I’ve done in races the past few years, how I’ve done in training and how I did at IMTX last year.  Based on all that, I started playing with some numbers to come up with a range of finish times based on various scenarios.  I’ve thought about how I would do if I changed nothing at all.  And believe me when I tell you, I would be happy with how I did last year b/c I felt good all day and I knew I would finish.  I’ve thought about how I would fare if I did in the swim what I should’ve done last year.  Anyway, I’ve come out with a time range that in all honesty, is very doable.  Of course, this will all need to be discussed with my coach before I even think about sharing.  And I may not.  I can tell you that in my head right now I have a super stretch goal that if I achieve, I can guarantee will cause me to need a box of Kleenex b/c I will cry!  And the crazy thing is that I actually believe I can achieve this super stretch goal!  And this is how it all begins.  This is how the crazy obsession starts and then not so slowly, takes on a life of its own.  Oh lord, what is wrong with me?

Before I get too excited, I have to actually sign up for the race and The Woodlands is making it hard for me.  There are so many rumors going around about what is going on.  Last week, the event guide showed there would be onsite registration.  I had fully expected to be one of the first in line, eager to hand over my payment.  Two days before the race, the event schedule was updated and onsite registration was removed.  The reason given was that the permits hadn’t been secured yet.  Hmmmm.  There was onsite registration last year so what’s up dudes?  We’ve been hearing for months that the date might change.  I’m now hearing the event could move to Galveston (oh please no) or Austin b/c The Woodlands Township is about as fun to deal with as a case of the clap.  All of you out there following my blog, go ahead and start wishing and hoping the race stays in The Woodlands as I really need my family and friends to be out there cheering me on.   Yes, I will go to Galveston or Austin if I HAVE to but I’m really hoping I won’t.  Keith is doing some serious “No Ironman in Galveston” rain dance b/c we all know he thinks that place is a sh@t hole and he has made it clear he doesn’t want to spend any more time there than he has to.  If the race IS there, Keith will be pushing me to finish sub-12 so we can get the heck out of dodge.  

I’ll have to change the name of the blog again once I sign up.  I’ve got a few ideas in my head but am open to suggestions!

With that, I’m outta here.  Happy training you guys!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

IMTX, it's that time of year again!

So, what do I have to tell you about?  I think a bullet pointed list will suffice!

  • CB&I was a success although looking at my time, you may not think that.  I had been sick for a solid 2.5 weeks and debated if it was worth racing.  Well, yes, of course it was.  I did a little better than I hoped and felt good at the finish.  I felt the stingiest on the bike which I had expected.  This race will be on my calendar for years to come I'm sure!
  • Baby brother Doug graduated with his Masters from Texas State.  I wonder if we'll have to call him Master Doug?
  • Work has been busy which I like.  I'm still learning a ton in my new role!
  • Tejas Sprint Triathlon is next up for me and I'm so pumped!  Keith, Luke & Dorina will be racing as a relay team again and should do really well. 
  • At the end of June, I'm signed up for Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Triathlon as part of a relay team with Keith & Hannah!  We are so excited!
Yesterday was IMTX and it was an awesome experience.  This year I was a volunteer and spectator vs participant so that was a little tough but I really had such an amazing day.  I looked at these athletes and was so inspired by them all.  It is hard for me to believe that I am one of them.  I looked at Keith at one point and asked him how in the world I did it last year.  After my volunteer gig in the morning along the swim course, I joined Keith & Hannah on the bike course for some major cheering.  Y'all, how many 15 year olds do you know who would want to hang out with dad & his girlfriend all day, cheering on strangers?  Not many!  Hannah is an AWESOME spectator and I know the athletes appreciated her funny antics.  We were busy yesterday!  We made it up to Drifters (off 149) to catch folks as they approached Richards and the 1/2 way mark just beyond.  We then high tailed it down to the 80ish mile mark to cheer folks through a crazy busy intersection.  Temps were hot, winds picked up and the race was ON!  On our way out to Drifters, we saw the lead male pro getting ready to turn on to Jackson Rd (what I consider the home stretch at 80+ miles).  Dude was rockin' that bike course.  He didn't go on to win but he did set a bike course record from what I understand.  I had so many teammates and friends out there and I'm so glad we got to cheer them all on!  We made it out to the 102 mile spot as well and got to see a lot of folks we had been seeing all day.  A girl crashed approaching the turn on to Branch Crossing.  I don't know if they let her continue but hope they did if she was up for it.  You could see the heartbreak in her eyes at the though of not continuing. 

After a quick pit stop home, we made our way to the run course and had the most amazing spot thanks to Spencer Chase (whose wife Val was racing).  Tent, beer, chairs and spectating!  IMTX is a tough course primarily due to the conditions.  We were at a spot where we could see most folks 3 times on the run course.  It was awesome!  And of course, we finally made our way to the finish line where I got to see SO many friends and teammates hear those magical words and join the Ironman club.  We cheered on strangers just as much as friends and to me, there was nothing better to see than a big smile on someones face b/c we were there cheering them on!  It was a truly amazing day and one I won't soon forget!

I was asked more than once if this made me wish I was racing.  Umm, do you know me at all?  Of course it did!  I was smart in taking a year off from Ironman distance races BUT I know now, more than ever that I MUST do another one (or two, or three).  I'm not fast and will probably never see a finish time that starts with 12 (or even 13) but I LOVE this sport and the challenges it presents.  The feeling you get from achieving something you shouldn't be able to is awesome.  I just hope that the rumors aren't true and IMTX will remain in The Woodlands.  More than anything, family support is big to me and especially for a race like this.  I want to have a HUGE support crew next year.  HUGE.  That's right folks, if I cheered you on yesterday, you owe me.  :)  

Ok, so this wouldn't be a "Jenny" post if there wasn't some type of mishap right?  After CB&I, I decided it was time to get really serious and start tracking my calories and slim down a bit for my races this summer (I have 6 coming up that are confirmed).  Not only have I been tracking calories, I've been eating clean.  Energy wise, there is a huge difference.  I have felt really good and have managed to drop 7 lbs since CB&I.  I didn't eat breakfast yesterday b/c frankly, nothing sounded good at 4am.  It was nearly 2pm before Keith, Hannah & I could make our way to food due to our spectating.  By then, I was famished!  We went to Sonic where I had a burger.  I'll spare you the details but let me just say that my stomach has clearly gone on strike.  By the time dinner rolled around, I couldn't touch anything b/c I felt so darn sick.  I looked at Keith and told him that had I known eating clean would cause my body to reject delicious food, I would've never started eating clean.  :)  Ok, that's a lie.  I was able to wear white shorts yesterday that I bought months ago that I haven't worn b/c they didn't fit.  And ladies, you know full well you don't wear white on the bottom unless it fits.  :)

So with that, I'm outta here.  I'm going to make my way to Ironman Village and pick up some mDot stuff.  It's nice being an Ironman now b/c I can buy Ironman stuff whenever I want and know I'm not jinxing myself!  Woo hoo!!