Monday, October 4, 2010

Are we there yet?

The title of this blog update was one of my favorite questions growing up when we went on road trips. I often found myself yelling this out from the very back of the van to the front. Those were the days.

Our Sunday bike ride was 60 miles with a 45 minute run after. I know most who probably read this don't think this is crazy at all but most people who know me in my normal, every day life do! 60 miles is going to take a rider like me over 3.5 hrs to finish and so to think you might hear "Are we there yet" isn't out of the question.

I want to make this short and sweet. The bike was awesome!!!! After having my coach refit me on my bike, she assured me it would feel different and I should expect to get more power. Maybe part of this was mental for me b/c I believed I would have more power and more power I had!!! I haven't had the most stellar rides since getting my new bike and I had been blaming a lot of that on my fall. Whatever the reason, this was another good confidence booster to have as I get closer to my first half ironman.

I feel like I've been training forever and I find myself asking again, "Are we there yet"? Almost! In 5 short weeks, I will be putting everything I've learned to use and will tackle the half ironman distance. 1.2 miles in the water, 56 miles on the bike and 13.1 miles running all in less than 8 hours. It's still so funny to me because for once, the swim isn't even a concern of mine. I already respect the swim (b/c I'm not that good at it) but more importantly, I KNOW I can do it. The swim is my time to think about the rest of the race and calm myself. A few years ago the swim was my time to pray not to die! I know I can do the bike. I may not be the quickest on two wheels but I know how to pace myself and I know how to hydrate properly and again, I KNOW I can do it. Ironstar will be a hilly race (by Houston standards) but I'm learning to like hills. A little. The next 5 weeks I'm going to focus on getting stronger coming off the bike so I can have a better run. I should be able to accomplish this now that my bike fits the way it was meant to!

Training is going well, I'm healthy, I feel strong and I feel ready! Are we there yet? Hell yeah!!!

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  1. Congrats Jenny! I found your blog from facebook and LOVE reading blogs and have been keeping up with your training. I am so impressed! Keep it up. I can't wait to hear about the next race.

    Katie Mayeaux