Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Here we go, here we go. Here we go, here we go, here we go.

This blog post was previously recorded.  :)

I hate that song lyrics don’t always come across the way you want them too. The title of this blog is a line from an old C&C Music Factory song.

Once again, it’s race week. Wait, this seems oddly familiar. My last race was just 15 days ago and I’m already gearing up for my next one. Bridgeland Sprint Triathlon is next on the calendar for me and where I’ll be this coming Sunday. I went and watched this race last year as I had just joined a new team and wanted to go show my support. I was just over 2 months removed from Ironman Texas and had no intention of racing. This race was H – O – T last year and I was merely spectating. I made a mental note to myself that I would pass on this race in the future. Funny how that works b/c here I am, all signed up!

The goal for Sunday is to execute (per my coach). Basically, the same plan I’ve had for every race this summer. I continue to not push hard enough in the run so for me personally, that’s where I want/need to see a change. I’ve been training really well and frankly, there’s no reason not to see a better run time. I’m injury free and feeling good. Sunday has GOT to be the day to crack this run streak!

Even though I’m laser focused on that run, I need to remember that this is a very tough race with a lot of fast people racing. In addition, it’s a hot race. Racing in August? Wow, brilliant idea! All joking aside, this is where execution becomes more of a focus than some arbitrary time. If I execute the plan, the rest will fall into place. Simple enough.

I checked my schedule for the week and I’ve got some fun workouts lined up!  I'm ready to race!!!!

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