Tuesday, October 29, 2013

O. M. G. (and by the way, tapering sucks)

I can't believe that the race I've waited to run for 4 years is almost here!!  I leave for New York in just a couple of days and I'm so excited!!!!!  

Let me start this post off by saying that this taper has sucked.  I've been moody, irritable, hungry, full, annoyed, anxious and a whole lot of other things.  My coach of course was happy to hear this because in the past, I've felt good during the taper and she has told me that you shouldn't feel good during the taper.  Keith always has a good chuckle about me & my coach and this week pointed out that it was a good thing I was a masochist because my coach is a major sadist.  When I texted my coach to share this with her, she let me know that was the best compliment.  LOL.  

I started laying out my clothes last night and have been fine tuning what I'm packing this evening.  I'm also being super anal and pretending I'm already on East Coast time so waking up here an hour earlier every day so when I get there, I'll just feel normal.  

I am ready for Sunday.  So ready!  Of course there is a goal time I want to hit but I'm just going to focus on execution.  I've visualized the race over and over and over and over and over (you get the picture) again.  I'm going to go out with a pace group so I will make sure not to repeat my mistake at 10 for Texas and go out to fast.  I'm going to save it.  I'm going to hold back even if it kills me.  And then if I've done everything right, I'm going to hit the gas at the end and finish strong.  More importantly, I'm going to take in every single inch of this course.  I absolutely can't wait to run through all five boroughs.  Every time I think about going over the Verranzo-Narrows bridge, my eyes well up with tears.  

Keep me in your thoughts on Sunday.  Here's hoping for cool temps, no rain and the wind always at my back!!!

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