Monday, October 26, 2015

Racing Reboot: Take 3!

While I’ve had every intention of getting back to blogging, life has just been keeping me busy.  On top of that, this blog was really intended to follow my Ironman training and other racing.  So if I’m not really racing or training for anything, why blog?  I mean, I don’t want to waste the time of my 3 loyal readers.  ☺

I was able to successfully avoid racing most of the year despite having signed up for several events.  Lots of changes at work constantly threw a wrench into my plans.  As you guys know, I like schedules and when I get thrown out of my routine, I just can't thrive.  After months of feeling like I had started & stopped and started & stopped, it was finally time to race again.  The Chicago Marathon. 

I may have been slower than NYC but I earned this medal!!
For months I knew I would not have the same type of result I enjoyed at the NYC Marathon in 2013.  I wasn't putting in the same level of training and I was not at fighting weight.  While I haven't put back on all the weight I lost before, I've put enough back on to be pissed off.  But I'll get to that.  Keith, Kevin & I went to Chicago and did lots of sight seeing, eating and walking.  I'll spare you the play by play of the 26.2 miles except to say that Chicago puts on one impressive race.  Well supported, great spectators, amazing volunteers and a great course.  There were a few miles between 1 & 26 that really sucked but for the most part, I enjoyed every minute of this race.  I did tell Keith I'd love to do it again once I can get back to training consistently.  I'd love to get the time I know I can get.  

Me & my man post race.  I may not look the cutest but I sure to love how happy I was!

Now, for some strange reason, I thought it was a great idea to sign up for a triathlon the week after Chicago.  ONE WEEK.  This is after having not done a tri since October 2013.  Yes, that's right - my break from triathlon turned into a TWO YEAR HIATUS.  The day before the race, I absolutely wanted to skip it. I got up Saturday morning and ran errands with Keith and dicked around most of the day before doing my pre-race prep. I actually think it was 3pm before I rode my bike and ran for a bit.  I didn't bother to swim.  I figured that if I couldn't survive 300 m, I didn't deserve to survive.  I stayed the night with my sister so I didn't have to get to the race site and the butt crack of dawn.  I headed to transition to get body marked with that wonderful 41 even though I'm not 41 yet.  My wave was the last wave so I had plenty of time to get ready.  The last time I was at this rate, I had a magnificent PR and finished in 1:06 - a time I know I'm unlikely to hit again.  My swim was only 15 seconds shorter than last time (not sure if I should be happy or annoyed).  I was #1 out of T1 with the fastest time of my group.  Small victories baby!  I thought I had a very solid bike ride but only averaged around 17mph.  My run was exactly what I thought it would be - slow.  No doubt my body was fatigued from the marathon one short week earlier but I did it AND I had an absolute blast.  There is no doubt in my mind that I want to get back to triathlon.  I just need to be super realistic about my training and my expectations.  And I know me, while I had fun at this race, the time I got is not one that will satisfy me again.  

Am I really doing this?

Me with my awesome support crew.  So happy to have family out there with me!!

So what's next?  Well, I'm doing the Tomball Dash again a few days before my bday and am looking forward to a fast (for my current state) run. I'm also signed up for the BCS Half again with two of my sister and brother-in-law.  This is strictly a C race for me as I'm doing it with them and I'm not going to be *that* girl who ditches her family.  I'm already officially signed up for FIVE half marathons next year and will be signed up for SIX once BCS 2016 opens up for registration.  I'm still on my quest to run 50x50 (50 halves by the time I'm 50). Assuming I stay healthy, I am in very good shape to meet that goal.  Also, I'm going to try for my sub-2 hour half.  And if I'm honest, I know that I need all the stars to align - fast course, perfect temps, no injuries and a lighter load to carry.  Yep, I'm going to have to buckle down and get back to fighting weight if I'm going to have a shot in hell.  I did a great job dropping weight in 2012 and I kept it all off up until the point Keith proposed and I got a new job at work.  After that, I was not racing, not training consistently and frankly, enjoying married life.  Well, it's time to get disciplined again.  This is my first week back on the "meal plan". I'm actually excited to be doing this again as I know I will see results and I know it will be worth it. I'm just going to miss not carrying about how much wine I drink with my hubby on the weekends.  That should tell you how badly I want to go 1:59:59 at least once.  :) 

So there you have it.  I've finally blogged again and I'm finally back to racing.  It may not be pretty but it's something!!!

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