Monday, May 23, 2016

This is how it all begins. This is always how it all begins.

I'm officially signed up for Oilman Half Ironman in November!  I'm fairly predictable as most of you know.  Days after deciding I would to IMTX again, I figured it was time to start thinking about the races building up to it.  This can be challenging when you don't even have a date for said race.  I told myself I would be patient. I told myself there was no rush.  Wait another month and go from there.  About 15 minutes after that riveting conversation with myself, I signed up for Oilman.  On the off chance IMTX 2017 isn't meant to be, I figured I at least wouldn't feel like this was a wasted race entry.  I needed something to kick me in the ass and get me focused on training again.  Funny how a 70.3 will do that to you!  

November 2012 - My last start (and finish at Oilman)
About 5 minutes after signing up for Oilman, I started wondering what my lead in races for that should be.  And so it begins.  Predictable, huh?  I'm happy to report that I haven't signed up for anything else yet but not from a lack of trying. I'm having trouble deciding if I want to do a couple sprints or a sprint and then oly.  Or maybe just an oly.  I'm going to noodle on it a few more hours.  :)

Still no news about IMTX.  At least nothing I've heard.  I really hope this bike course gets sorted out before I change my mind.  Or before my work schedule changes my mind for me.  It won't but I know I'm going to second guess myself.  A lot.  I'm at the tail end of my busy season right now and still not quite in the right frame of my mind.  As I sit here and type this post right now, I could've sworn it was Thursday versus the sad, pathetic Monday it actually is.  Adulting kind of sucks.

With that, I should probably attempt to sleep.  Good night, y'all!

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