Sunday, June 27, 2010


I did this race last year and while I didn't have a PR (missed it by 20 seconds completely attributed to my transition times), I had a blast. The good news first! This was a 300m swim PR for me so I'll take that. I took 1:03 off my swim time from last year and about 20ish seconds from my last swim PR (but that was in a lake). Anyway. Very pleased w/ that. I averaged 18.2mph on the bike and KNOW I can do more once I'm able to do more training on the road and less on my trainer. My run was slower than I wanted and slower than what I'm capable of but again, that's ok. After passing out at Lonestar Oly in April, I was uber sensitive to taking it easy in the heat. Either way, I did improve my run time from MHSL 2009 so was pleased. Overall, great race and a great day. Congrats go to Brandi, Misty & Luke who all had awesome races AND Kofi who raced his first tri today!!!!!! Nice job!

I have to thank my family who showed up to cheer us all on!!! Keith & Hannah got up at 4:30am to ride down to SL with me. Hannah gets extra props for being the LOUDEST cheerleader. Coming in from the bike, I could hear "GO JENNY!!!!!!" and looked over to see Keith taking pics and then Hannah, a few hundred feet away. This girl has got some lungs on her for being so petite!!! It means SOOOOO much to me to have everyone out there.

So, my first race after deciding to pursue Ironman dreams was a huge success in my book. I've got some take aways from today: (1) keep practicing that swim and I will be below 7min in no time, (2) get out on my bike more w/ my teammates and (3) keep having fun!

I'm hoping to post some pics here. If I'm successful, you'll see them. If I'm not, you won't. LOL. Hope everyone has had an awesome weekend!!!!!!

Next Time on Jenny's Blog: Bike Shopping for my Motobecane's sister!

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