Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Races, Races & More Races

Well, I spoke prematurely when I said my next blog would be about my bike shopping experience. I'm thinking that will be a fun weekend post but we'll see.

Since IMTX is officially on my calendar, it's time to finalize the rest of my race calendar so my coach can come up with my training plan. I'm trying not to think about the number of purses or shoes I can buy with what I'll be spending on race entries and other tri related stuff but that's ok. There will be plenty of time to add to my shoe & purse collection later.

So here it is, my newly unveiled Race Calendar!

August 28th Clear Lake Sprint (Tri)

September 26th Houston Olympic (Tri)

October 9th 10 for Texas (Run)

November 7th Ironstar Half Ironman (Tri)

November 25th Run Thru the Woods 5 miler (Run--and really only here so I don't feel guilty on Turkey day)

January 30th Houston Half Marathon (Run)

April 10th Ironman Texas 70.3 (Tri) --this will be the dress rehearsal for IMTX

May 21st Ironman Texas 140.6 (Tri) -- aka Crazy Fest

Next step will be to officially register for everything and then it will be even more real! I'm so excited for my training over the next 11 months. I know I'm going to have some tough races to tackle but I know I can do it. Even if I don't do well in a race (or two), I will be learning things that will only help me tackle IMTX.
I'm not going to predict what the next blog will be about. I think it will be about bike shopping but you never know. Something completely shocking could pop up before Friday and I'll have no choice but to blog about it.

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