Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Look Who's Gettin' Fancy Now

I mentioned a few weeks ago I was working on pulling together a montage of sorts (or do I just think I mentioned it). I've been scouring the internet high and low for music, pictures and other cool tools to help me in my 2nd most important quest of 2011....the quest to make a video or something documenting my journey to IMTX. This could be a full time job of it's own but I'm cool with gives me something to do in all my spare time. Ha! Seriously though, this has become a fun project for me but has truly hindered what I had hoped to do this year and finish a scrapping booking project I sort of started for/with Keith. I will get to that too....I promise baby!

The music side of this is coming together nicely. There are a few songs I'm really liking but will keep those under wraps for now. Documenting the journey via pictures is going well enough. I've got tons of pictures from races and now want to start getting some training pictures. I'm sure my teammates are going to be uber excited when I start showing up with my camera and tripod on long runs/ride & lake swims. I decided I need a video element of all this too so I bought a Flip Video a few weeks ago and will add that to my arsenal of cool things to help me make this "Ode to Ironman" (yes, feel free to help me with a better name). The available memory on my trusty laptop is quickly disappearing and I find myself getting closer & closer to rationalizing forking out some dough for a Macbook. :) Now I truly digress.

I'm experimenting with the Flip Video now and so am using my blog as the testing ground. Here's a short video of my super cute nephew putting together a puzzle. He's pretty much a genius. :)

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