Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Race Day Fashion: A tongue in cheek quest for the perfect outfit.

As promised, this blog update is devoted to Race Day Fashion, specifically IMTX Race Day Fashion. As I was thinking about things my bike would need, Jill Gellatly reminded me to think about what I would wear on Race Day. Comfort is the most important thing to keep in mind but I also want to wear something my family & friends can spot easily. After everyone mistook another girl for me at Ironstar, I agreed the black Zoot trisuit wasn't going to cut it. Also, black in May is a recipe for disaster. Join me now as I consider my options.

While the Team sTRIve uniforms are nice, the tops just don't cut it for me. God has seen fit to bless/curse me with an ample rack (sorry y'all) and the tri tops we use have no built in bra. While the built in bra alone is not enough for me, it does help immensly when paired with my Moving Comfort sports bra. Alas, I don't know the team jersey will work. Additionally, I'm not as big a fan of green as many of my teammates are so this is a good excuse for me to get something in a color I really like! Don't get me wrong, I will still sport the Team Uni's but when comfort is critical, I will have to buck the sTRIve trend and go my own way.

I've always loved Wonder Woman and have searched high and low for a tri suit that comes even remotely close to her cute outfit. Alas, that won't work either. While Lynda Carter shares my dilemna up top, I just don't think a strapless tri suit is going to cut it on Race Day. That being said, I woudln't be hard to spot in this get up and I'd be sure to make lots of Facebook albums running out of T2 dressed like this. Hmm, now that I think about it, the boots don't look too comfortable. I'm fairly certain my first marathon should be run in Asics vs sky high red boots. The Wonder Woman outfit will have to wait for another day.

Ok, this is just a pipe dream but wouldn't it be cool to honor Princess Leia and wear something similar to what she sported when chained to Jabba the Hutt? Lots of people wear 2 piece tri suits. Why not me (don't answer that)? I mean obviously, some modification would be needed. I'm open to suggestions. I find the brown & gold colors to be very uplifting and flattering as well. Braided hair is optional.

Knowing in my heart of hearts that the the outfits above are probably not realistic options, I decided to continue my search for the perfect "outfit". Just when I'd lost hope, I stumbled upon these very cool Asics and decided they would be the centerpiece of my IMTX Race Day ensemble and I would build from there. The foundation is laid, now I only need to build my house. I plan on doing some research and making sure these sweet looking shoes will be comfortable enough. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Either way, they're a start and the best idea I've come up with as I'm sure you'll agree. I will be the most glorious streak of pink & yellow come May 21st!


  1. you aren't going to represent EY and rock the yellow and grey?

  2. How could I forget The Beam???? Oooooh, a window of options has just been opened for me. Thanks Kate!

  3. I say go for the Wonder Woman get-up - I love it!