Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to 2011!!!

2011 is here! Hopefully you all had a great NYE and aren't too depressed about heading back to work tomorrow. :(

For me, NYE was just what the doctor ordered....low key with lots of laughs. Stef & Cristian came up to The Woodlands and we went to Keith's house to celebrate with two of his daughters, Heather & Hannah, as well as Hannah's friend Cassidy. We made snacks, goofed off, played a quick board game and watched Dick Clark's Rockin' NYE. Just in case some of us didn't make it to midnight Houston time, we celebrated when NY celebrated and then did have a 2nd celebration at our "real" midnight.

It's Sunday and I'm writing this very quickly before I get in my workouts of the day. I promised a few months back I was trying to make my blog more exciting or something to that effect and haven't done the best job making good on that promise. I've experimented with a few different backgrounds and am sticking with simple polka dots for now. Heather sent me the link to a really cute triathlon background but it covers up some of the other elements I have that I don't really want to give up so I decided to compromise. We'll see, I may not be able to resist the tri background for long as it really was perfect (thanks Heather)!

It's time for the heart of the journey to begin, probably the most difficult part of the journey. While I feel super motivated & excited now, I'd be crazy to think I can maintain that type of attitude through May. I'm going to have a boat load of distractions between now & then and it's going to be super important to stay focused. I've got a niece to arrive in 8 weeks, Heather's baby will be here in 10 weeks, a 70.3 in less than 100 days, busy season at work and life! So much packed into such a short time. Like I've said before, I think I've learned a huge lesson from 2010 in that I know what I need to do this year to make everything come together: work, training and having some down time. Who needs a New Years resolution when you've got all this to balance?!?

Ready or not 2011, here I come!

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