Friday, June 3, 2011

Drum Roll Please

As promised, I'm here to unveil my race calendar and announce my official decision about IMTX 2012. I would've told you earlier but I truly had no idea which way I was going to go and told Coach K she would be the first to know my OFFICIAL decision. I'm saving that to the end so you have to read the rest of my blog first suckers! :)

Now, I have not yet discussed with Coach K what my plan of attack is for each race as she's busy getting settled in her new home so some of this might change. I have learned a lot this year with the help of Coach Gena and so I think I'm going into the 2011-2012 racing season with the right frame of mind. These are the races I'm OFFICIALLY signed up for.

In 6 short weeks, I'm returning to the racing world at the Shadow Creek Ranch Sprint. I haven't done a sprint in awhile and have been excited for one so I could see how much I've improved. Well, as I sit here today thinking about how my run last night left a bit to be desired, I'm wondering just how fast I'll be in 6 weeks. My main goal for this race will be to have fun and to push where I can as long as I feel good and won't risk injury. I think I'll really try to push the pace in transition. :)

I had promised my running legs I would focus on running for a bit and I will get to do just that on September 11th when I visit the Windy City and participate in the Chicago Half Marathon. When I originally signed up for this race, I had not yet signed up for IMTX and I had every intention of this being my opportunity to PR at this distance. My current PR is 2:10:54 and I really want to hit 2hrs. Given I now have other races on my calendar that are more of a priority, the Chicago Half will no longer be an A race. I'm starting to think I'll never get my chance at a PR!

Just 2 weeks after Chicago, I'll be giving the Olympic distance another whirl as I've signed up for the Houston Triathlon. While I had hoped to PR at this race, the location has changed so it won't be the same course. As far as I'm concerned, as long as I'm faster than my last Oly, it's a PR. It's occurred to me that I've never really pushed it in any race and have a tendency to stay in my comfort zone. My plan is to absolutely push the swim and make myself uncomfortable. The bike should be flat so I should see a good time there and then I'll be smart about the run. Given I've battled some foot pain on & off, I'm hesitant to do anything to crazy during the run in September given I have a Half Ironman in early November.

Oil Man Half Ironman (formerly Iron Star) is my big A race for the 2nd half of the year. I want a PR. I will be going for a PR and not just a little PR either. I want to blow the door off my first Half IM time. This is something I know I have to talk to Kim about. I can only control one thing on race In order for me to do what I want, I will need a lot of things to go my way. I will need decent racing conditions. I will need to feel 100%. I'll need to stay mentally focused. I feel that already I've improved tremendously and will see better times in each discipline regardless. But you never know what will happen on race day. Before I forget, I would like to go on the record to officially express my dismay that the logo for Oil Man didn't change w/ the new name. With a name like Oil Man, I was expecting something far more creative. Oh well!

The Woodlands Half Marathon is on the calendar in March 2012 and you would think THIS would be my chance to PR but it won't be. More likely than not, I will be signing up for Galveston 70.3 in April (early April) and if that's the case, it will be my A race and The Woodlands Half will be another training day. Cest la vie. With the return of The Woodlands Marathon, I'm looking to just enjoy the day and have a good run and visit with my friends. No pressure. Just get out and really enjoy running and the fact I'm blessed to be healthy enough to do this stuff.

There you have it! The official races and how I plan to attack them. I'm excited! I'm confident I'll be adding some other races in there but need to discuss with my Coach before I sign up for anything else. I've got some big goals over the next two years and it's more important to me to be smart. I've matured sooo much! :)

And now, for what you've all been waiting for. IMTX 2012 will NOT be on my race calendar. As much as I really want to do it, my plan always had been to sit out 2012 and stick with nothing longer than a 70.3 between now and December 2012. For those of you who did sign up for next year, I promise I will be there to volunteer and cheer you in!!! I will spend the next few months contemplating which Ironman race to do next because there WILL be another Ironman in my future. Right now, I'm leaning towards IMFL 2012 or IMTX 2012. Family support means the world to me and I think those two locations give me the best chance of having a Support Crew attend. Stay tuned!!!!!

Happy Friday!!!

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