Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Sad Week

This has been a really blue week. John Hager, the husband of my coack, Kim Hager died earlier this week. I've thought about Kim & her girls every day this week and my heart breaks for them a little more each day. In times like this, I just want to hug my friends and say the right things but no words ever seem right. So instead, I just pray a lot and hope that God can provide the comfort that I can't. In times like this, I think it can be so easy to question God's plan and wonder why things happen. Faith is put to the test.

Mom & Aunt Grace in 2010

Me & Aunt Grace in 2009

In addition to John passing, my great-Aunt passed as well. Grace Loffredo D'Amaro was my grandmothers sister and the last surving sibling she had. Whenever I would travel to Buffalo for my family reunion, I made a point of visiting Aunt Gracie. I loved visiting with her more than anything. She was always so sweet. She would offer us snacks, typically Bugles which I LOVED as a child. We'd sit in her front room and talk about funny things from the past. When I was a very little kid, I asked her why her nose was so big. Hey, I didn't know better!!!! A few years ago we went to visit her and the nuns had been by to see her not long before we got there and left her communion wafers. Aunt Gracie had us line up so she could give us communion. Of course, I couldn't stop giggling and she told me that Jesus wouldn't like me laughing during communion. I told her I was pretty sure Jesus wouldn't like her handing out communion. She cracked a smile, giggled and proceeded with her service. What a funny lady. Aunt Gracie was laid to rest Wednesday morning after passing Monday night (or at least that's when we think she passed). Unfortunately, we weren't able to attend the service because those were the wishes of her son. He had his reasons and while I disagree with them, I know there are other ways to pay respects to a woman I loved very much and will remember forever. Aunt Gracie, I love you and I hope Grandma isn't being too mean to you up there!!!!!

On the triathlon front, I've been back to "training" for a few weeks now. This was my 3rd recovery week and I have been doing pretty easy workouts. I'm actually going to go get my workout on right now and also have a 1.5-2hr ride tomorrow. I do have a race in 5 weeks but I'm not really worried about it. I just want to have fun!

I'll be back next week with a happier post (I hope). Until then, cherish every moment you have and have a happy weekend!!!!

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