Monday, April 30, 2012

Race Week?!?!

And just like that, vacation over and it's race week!  I signed up for CB&I Triathlon this year, a sprint tri in The Woodlands.  I've volunteered the past few years and am finally getting to do this hometown race!  #157 will be taking to the glorious waves of Lake Woodlands around 7:30am on Saturday morning. I  just picked up my packet and realized they gave me a mens shirt! Sons of b's!  I'm hoping they will let me trade it at another packet pickup location.  We'll see!

So what's new you ask?  Wellllllll.  I'm back from Disney World and had an amazing time with my sisters, niece & nephew!!!  What a great, great trip.  I swear, if I had kids, we would go twice a year.  If they allowed dogs in the park, I would take Leia.  No, I'm not kidding you.  Why shouldn't my furry, 4-legged friend get to experience the happiest place on Earth?  Exactly!

After a great dinner at Chef Mickey's!

Getting ready for fun at Hollywood Studios!
I was sick for my vacation thanks to a germ infested person at work who shall remain nameless.  :)  I'm finally kicking this funky stuff and just in I mentioned, it is race week!!!!  So this past Sunday was our March of Dimes walk.  Money is still coming in but so far, my team has raised nearly $5,500!!!!! That is the most I've ever raised and I couldn't be more excited.  As you all know, MoD is near & dear to my heart given Cristian's early arrival 5 years ago.  Thank you MoD!  We had a face painter at out tent again and for the first time, I got my face painted.  I asked for something simple yet elegant.  :)

Yes, I am turning 38 this year.  So???

So there you have it....a really quick update!  I'll post one more time before the race this weekend so stay tuned.  Oh, I almost forgot...I was rejected from the NYC Marathon for the 3rd time.  I wish I could say I was sad but I'm not b/c all this means is that I'm guaranteed for next year.  YIPPPPPEEEE SKIPPPPPPEEEEE!

With that, I'm off like a cheap dress on prom night.  :)

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  1. Jenny I still love your blog. So excited to see all of you this month!!