Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Well hello there 2013 (9 days late)!

My first post of the New Year…2013!!  I still can’t believe 2012 is done and over.  Time sure does move more quickly now.

The last few weeks of 2012 was crazy busy.  With the arrival of Cole & Morgan, Keith & I found both our families growing!  We made our way to Chicago a few days after Christmas and finally got to meet little Morgan Ann.  What a doll she is!  Only being here for 2 short weeks, she pretty much slept & ate and that was it.  She sure does do those things super cute though! 

Addison was SO much fun.  We last saw her in September and she was even more fun than she was then.  Addison is so dang sweet.  She loves to give hugs & kisses and also loves to show you that she knows your name.  It was so fun at dinner watching her go around the table naming everyone.  This little girl loves her family so much…it’s adorable!  It was really hard leaving Addison this time and I’m sad that we won’t see her again until March.  I told Keith we should try to find one more weekend to get up there but we’re just not sure we can.  Sad face. 

So now it’s resolution time.  I try to always set goals for myself so I don’t really call them resolutions.  There is a lot I want to do this year and I’ve already started making my list.  I will have to divide my list into two parts though:  Pre-Ironman Goals & Post-Ironman Goals.  The next few months will be pretty busy with training so I may not have so much time to focus on “me”.

Before I get to IMTX though, I’ve got a few other races to knock out.  Once again, my first race of the New Year will be the Houston Half Marathon which is in just a few days.   This will be my 6th time to run this race and my 11th Half Marathon overall.  This race will be for fun though.  I took a few weeks off after my awesome experience at Oil Man and while I’ve been back to training for several weeks, it’s been “holiday” training so not as intense or consistent.  That’s ok though!  I absolutely love this race and am so looking forward to getting out there again to run.  After Houston, I’ll have The Woodlands Half in March followed by the 70.3 in Galveston. 

From the personal side, the early part of 2013 is going to be just as busy as the end of 2012.  We just celebrated Cristian's 6th bday!!!!  Up Next??  Kiri, Hannah, Avery, Kevin and Addison all celebrate their bdays between now and March 17th!  On March 10th, Emily will become Mrs. Verhaalen when she marries Daniel and we are so excited!!!!  Seriously, there is a lot going on!!!!!

My biggest goal of 2013 is to enjoy everything I have and everyone in my life.  I really don’t have much to complain about and for that, I’m eternally grateful!

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