Saturday, July 27, 2013

A little late but who really minds?

Shadow Creek Ranch Sprint Tri went extremely well.  I took 10 or 11 minutes off my time from last year and placed 12th in my A/G.  I really wanted to hit 10th but what can you do?  I had a pretty bad swim followed by a solid bike effort where I jumped from 21st to 12th place and then held 12th on the run.  It was hot as heck out there for the run but I hung in there!  Yay me!

My next race is a week from tomorrow...another hot one at Bridgeland of course.  This past week at work has been tough as I worked 60 hours so haven't rested or trained the way I wanted to.  I should still have a race PR but I'm definitely adjusting my expectations accordingly.  My A race remains the NYC Marathon so I'm not stressing if these smaller races don't go exactly as planned.

Aside from the past week, training has been going pretty well.  I feel like I've hit a good groove with my running and am really enjoying myself out there.  My bike rides haven't been longer than a couple hours which is actually perfect right now!  Yeah, I'm pretty happy I'm not doing Ironman next year as I 'm enjoying the "break".  

Well, that's all I've got.  No pics as I'm just trying to be good and get a blog update before my next race.  

Happy training!!!!

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