Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First post of the year (sorry it's boring)!

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My first official post of 2014 and we're only 6 days into the year!  Woo hoo.  

November 2012 was my last visit with Chase who helped me achieve my weight loss goals.  I'm happy to report I maintained that weight loss for a solid year!!  I made the decision to start back on the meal plan he had me on effective today!!  While I did eat like crap for much of the holiday break, the reason for getting back on the wagon now is because I want to try to get a little lighter as I gear up for Ironman training (which starts in April for me).  I've been very happy with the weight I maintained all through 2013 but I do want to see if dropping a little extra can help me with my race goals for the next 11 months.  I figured now was the time to get started so I could see if the new weight I want is good for me and if my performance stays where it's been.  Sometimes you get a little weaker/slower when you lose weight and I don't want that. 

Other than that, I've got nothing new to report just yet. The Houston Half is a week from Sunday.  I have not been training hard at all and as I mentioned before, this race will be strictly for fun. I can't wait!!!

Happy 2014!!!! 

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