Monday, August 11, 2014

Adding to my race calendar!

Even though IMAZ is off the calendar, I'm not exactly resting on my laurels.  Wedding planning is actually kind of exhausting.  We thought about hiring a wedding planner to help with some logistics given our wedding will be out of town. Well, the quote I got was nearly $5,000.  I'm cheap and don't value my sanity all that much so I said no thanks!  My sisters, sister-in-law and Emily have all agreed to help me and I will take them up on it.  Each and every one of them.  :)

Before I get into the updates to my race calendar, lets talk about the other stuff in life that isn't wedding related.  Keith & I were in San Marcos last Friday for Emily's grad school graduation.  Yay!!  I think it's safe to say Emily was the only VERY prego graduate that day and looked super cute.  We had a really fun dinner the night before with some of her friends and then after graduation, Emily's mom treated us all to lunch at Los Cucos.  It was a great celebration and we're so excited for Emily!  Next up:  the debut of Miss Elena Paige Verhaalen!

Hannah was in Germany for a church conference.  Thousands of teens from around the world went to Muenster and she had an amazing time.  We got to see her last night and she told us all about her adventures and the way she and her friends were touched by God's presence.  She had a super amazing trip!

We saw Caitlin for just a short time at graduation and she's sporting a cute & sassy new haircut.  We were really hoping that at lunch, she & Daniel would get into a queso eating contest but no such luck. 

Keith & I got to FaceTime with Addie & Morgan yesterday.  Oh my gosh...they are absolutely adorable.  Addie was in a great mood and Morgan was sweet as she could be.  While we don't have any plans to go to San Diego before the year is over at the moment, Papa & Nana are probably going to need to book a flight (you hear that Heather & Michael?)!!!

On a sadder note, Annie is back in the hospital.  She hits 24 weeks later this week and has started bleeding again.  With her condition, placenta previa, this is going to be what she continues to experience the remainder of the pregnancy.  We keep hoping and praying that she can make it as long as possible. She's now been on bed rest for 7 weeks and is hanging in there. We love you Annie and baby!!

Ok, so now we can chat about racing!  I cancelled my hotel reservations in Mesa today so decided I need to cheer myself up by spending money on some races.  I'm going to do a 5k in a few weeks (I didn't ask my coach first so I hope Ana is ok with that). ;)  I thought I needed to do SOMETHING just to get my competitive juices flowing again.  I also signed up for a 5k in early February and 10 for Texas in October.  I've got a few other races I may try to do but need to see how wedding related "stuff" shakes out first. 

After I get through Austin 70.3, I think I'm going to spend a lot of next year focusing on running and then mixing in a few sprints here & there to keep me active and happy.  My half marathon count will be over 20 races in no time so I thought I would see if I couldn't hit 25 next year.  :)  Dream big or go home. 

With that, I hope you all have a great week. Look at me back at blogging a little more regularly!!!  

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