Sunday, August 3, 2014

Delaying the inevitable.....

I can't believe I haven't blogged since February.  Oh my goodness!!!  I know I drafted a few blog posts but clearly I never got around to actually posting any of them.

So I got a promotion back in February.  After that, my work life literally blew the heck up.  I worked 75 hrs/week for months.  If I wasn't sleeping, commuting or working, I was trying to squeeze in whatever type of workout I could.  And to be honest with you, there wasn't much left to squeeze in.  I was still early in my training and was keeping my awesome coach looped in so I wan't too worried....yet.

Every time I thought work would get better, it got worse.  On top of my crazy work schedule, Keith & I bought a house and then had to start the process of packing and moving two households.  We had been talking about where we would live when it was time to retire so I'm still not exactly sure how it was that we decided to just go ahead and buy now but we did.  And I'm glad we did because I love this home we're making together!

As if I wasn't stressed enough, I learned my sister Annie was pregnant again.  She just had my beautiful niece Olivia back in December and is due once again in December.  Without sharing too much of Annie's business, she is having a very difficult pregnancy and has been on bedrest since she hit 17 weeks.  She's just over 22 weeks now and she remains on bedrest.  We also know that there is likely no way she will make it full term with this new little angel.  So we wait, hope & pray that she makes it as far as she can but at least to 24 weeks.  

On a brighter note, Keith proposed on July 4th and we'll be getting married early 2015.  Since this is a training blog, I'm going to spare you all the details but I mention this because obviously this has an impact on my free time.  

Before we got engaged, I was really struggling with my ability to do Ironman Arizona in November.  I had traded messages and talked to my coach and we agreed we could give it a little time before I had to make the call as to whether or not I could spend the time I needed to train for this race.  I would have a few good training days and think I was getting back on track and then something would happen.  Even though I'm not working 75 hrs/week anymore, I'm still working over 50hrs/week most weeks.  To put it in perspective, I worked more over time March - June than some people at my company work in a full year.  Seriously.  

Last week I finally made the toughest decision I've had to make in a long, long transfer my race registration for IMAZ to Austin 70.3.  I didn't want to do this.  I wanted (and still want) to do this race more than anything.  And especially on my 40th birthday.  But this year is not my year.  I've told so many people that had I known what this year would look like when I signed up, I never would've signed up.  Never.  I didn't have a crystal ball though so I signed up knowing I would have the time I needed to train for and kill this race.  

So yes, the decision is made and is final.  Instead of killing myself and stressing out over IMAZ, I will be able to focus my attention on training for Austin 70.3 and hopefully train to PR.  

I'm going to have to change the name of this blog.  I may even have to spend some time posting about my wedding planning.  Or just stick to blogging about training.  We'll see!!


  1. Nice blog title! You got this:)

  2. Congrats on all the exciting news!! I'm so happy for you!