Monday, October 13, 2014

1st race of October down - 1 more to go!

10 for Texas is done and I was able to squeeze out about a 6 minute PR!  Now, that might sound like a lot but let me just say once again that this is a race where I have had less than expected results for a number of years (well, every year I've done it).  Every time I've done this race, it's been humid and I've pretty much bonked.  I go out too fast, don't hydrate enough or don't take in nutrition (or I do all 3).  This year I tried my very best to go out slow.  Well, my first 2 miles were the fastest of the race but were at least slower than what I've done in the past.  So yay? I actually walked anywhere from 30-60 seconds at each aid station and made sure to take in fluids.  When it was time for water, I would take 2 cups - 1 for my head and 1 for my mouth.  I sipped on Gatorade at alternating aid stations.  The rain started at mile 6 or so and that's when I thought I felt blisters. My feet didn't hurt but something felt weird.  I later found out that the insert in my Saucony running shoes was coming out. WTF?  I hate to admit that I really didn't push this race too much.  I know part of me just wanted to focus on not bonking again so I might have held back when I should've tested the gas tank a bit.  It's comical to me that a good number of my half marathons have been at paces faster than what I've ever run 10 for Texas.  Part of that is due to time of year of course.  I've yet to run a cold 10 for Texas!

Past the turn around and headed back to Market Street.

Post ride - yeah, we averaged 18mph.  Boom!
All in all, the experience was great and I was happy to walk away with a PR.  I had a very, very solid bike ride on Sunday and today had two recovery workouts  - a 2500m swim and a 30 min ride.  I feel great today and am ready for my workouts the rest of the week.  Austin 70.3 is literally right around the corner.  This will be my first (and last) tri of 2014.  I am finally having my first race in my new age group even though I don't turn 40 for another month.  Keith will of course join me in Austin for the race. Emily, Daniel & Elena are going to make it out too so that will be so much fun!  Doug, Regan & Luke all live in Kyle so maybe they'll stop by for the run.  We'll see!  Keith has a friend from EY who is also racing.  Keith said he's SUPER fit.  I checked and he's in the wave after me so I told Keith he'll probably be one of the dudes who swims right over me.  

That's all I've got really.  I wanted to be sure and blog before another month passed.  Oh wait, there is something else to share.  Keith & I were talking yesterday about what races I'd like to do next year.  Given my new role is still pretty demanding, I'm not going to try to do any long races for awhile - no Ironman distance for this girl in 2015.  I've never had a stellar showing at an Oly and Keith has always thought that distance would be my niche (I actually love half Iron distance the most).  I'll probably sign up for an Oly or two and try to beat my best time which frankly, shouldn't be too hard.  I've also decided to enter the lottery for the Chicago Marathon!!!  I'm dying to run NYC again but we got to talking and thought it would be neat to check out another major marathon before I try my luck at NYC again.  Chicago is kind of a no brainer.  The course has a reputation for being fast.  There was one year the temperatures were unseasonably warm (like 88) and the race was forced to shut down as they ran out of fluids and folks were dropping left & right.  I happen to have a little bit of experience with hot, miserable races.  #IMTX.

Ok, now that's really all I have.  Happy training!!!

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