Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Well hello there! It's race week so I figured I should blog. :)

Greeting from Magnolia, Texas!  My evening workout is done and I'm resting with my pups and it occurred to me that it's race week so I should probably do this blog a solid and actually post something. 

To quickly bring you up to speed, Emily & Daniel welcomed their absolutely perfect bundle of joy on September 16th!  Elena Paige Verhaalen made her debut after more than 25 hours of labor - poor Emily!  Mom, baby & daddy are all doing great.  Keith, Hannah & I were able to FINALLY visit them this past weekend and it was so awesome getting to meet her. Elena is a perfect baby and couldn't be any cuter.  It's so nice that they are only 3 hrs away because that means Papa & Nana can visit whenever they want.  Ok, maybe not whenever but we can visit pretty often!  

Nana, Papa & Miss Elena Paige
My sweet sister Annie remains on bed rest and this week, will be 32 weeks prego.  Annie has been in the hospital since 23 weeks and has been SUCH a trooper.  Honestly, I wouldn't have lasted 3 days.  Annie is hanging in there and baby girl is growing like she needs to be.  There's some talk about when the doc will bring baby #2 but I think it's still up in the air a bit.  Annie will need to have a c-section due to her condition so she will have some recovery time but I know she can handle it.  So proud of my sister!

Ok, so race week!  It's funny because when I think of my nemesis race, I always think of Galveston (which I did concur last year thank you very much).  I forgot that I have a second nemesis race - 10 for Texas.  I'm not sure how many times I've done this race but what I am sure of is that every time I've done it, I have never run as well as I have leading up to the race. And I always have a good race after 10 for Texas.  I think because of that, I'm not even setting expectations for Saturday.  Every year, the weather the weekend BEFORE the race is always amazing and very "fall like".  Then race day hits and it's 90% humidity and 80+ degrees.  Every year, I go out at a pace that is fast but feels good.  And every year, the wheels come off somewhere around 5-6 miles.  It's funny because I typically run better during half marathons than I do at this stupid race.  All that being said, my game plan for Saturday is simple.  Go out easy NO MATTER WHAT and then put the pedal to the metal on the back side of the course. No more sprinting up Woodlands Pkwy only to drag ass on Lake Woodlands.  Nope, I'm going to be smart up Woodlands Pkwy and then run like I stole something on the back side.  At least that's the plan. 

So there you have it.  My week will consist of "easy" workouts and plenty of rest so that my body is ready to go come Saturday.  Here's to conquering another nemesis!!!

Happy training y'all!

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