Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where have all the updates gone?

This will be quick mainly b/c I'm on a conference call and need to focus but felt guilty I hadn't made an update in awhile.

Ok, I don't know who all reads this so for any dudes reading, I will apologize now for this! :)

I have the hardest time finding good sports bras. And of course, all my friends who train have normal sized boobs so have no issues with bras. I had done my homework and heard Moving Comfort makes a great sports bra for girls like know, the ones who have to wear at least 2 at a time to keep the motion reasonable. Well, I road tested my new sports bra over the weekend and it ROCKED!!!!!! It's made well, fits well, doesn't cut off my circulation, doesn't rub where it shouldn't and is a reasonable price ($52 probably sounds pricey but when you're talking about the health & comfort of your twins, it's well worth it).

I also ordered 2 pairs of Sugoi shorts (their tri shorty's). Love, love, love 'em!!! They fit well, stay put and are comfy. They aren't great for long bike rides (say over 30miles) but that's ok. I find that it's nice to have a couple spare pairs of tri shorts to train in. I also ordered an aero Bento bag for my bike. Thanks to those purchases, I've found my new love....TEAM ESTROGEN. I can't believe I'm admitting to shopping at a store by that name. Whatev. :)

So what's next for me? I will be in Buffalo, NY for my Family Reunion and am SO looking forward not only to seeing my family but also running in cool temps. My coach told me to keep the run short but I have a feeling I will want to take advantage of the weather and view. So excited.
Until next time!!!!!

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