Monday, February 21, 2011

Future Triathlete Arrives!

I have been meaning to sit down and write this post for nearly a week but time has truly gotten away from me! At least I have an excuse.

On February 15th, my sweet little niece was born. Avery Elizabeth Max pretty much walked out of Stefanie's womb weighing 8lb 2oz and measuring 20in long. Her head was 14 3/4 in. Some of you may think including the head measurement is odd but not for my family. My brother Doug (who is the smartest of all 7 of my mom's kids) had a head measuring over 16in at birth. And no, he was not a C-section baby. I'll give you a minute to think about how good that must've felt.......Ok. Avery is a doll and that's not just a biased Auntie speaking. She's already cooing a lot and by all accounts, is very alert for a newborn. Stefanie is changing her outfits as many times a day as she can as she won't be fitting in newborn clothes for long. If Keith's daughter has a little girl, we should be able to dress her with clothes Avery won't ever wear! Mom & baby are doing quite well and I'm so excited for my sister to embark on this crazy journey called M O T H E R H O O D. I still can't believe Stef, the girl who fell off a bar into an ice bin, is a mom (she'll be thrilled I pulled that memory from the vault). I am so happy that Avery is here and I can't wait to sign her up for her first tri!

Before I get to the triathlon part of this blog, I have to give Leia a shout out for being the best dog in the world. Leia has taken on the role of watchdog & protector with gusto. We thought Leia was barking at Avery when she was in the pack n play because she didn't like her but now realize she was barking b/c Avery was wimpering. Awww. Stef & Avery were relaxing on the couch yesterday and sweet Leia parked her overweight butt right by them. Stef put Avery down at one point and I was in the kitchen. Avery started making noises & moving and Leia made a b-line to the pack n play and let us know we needed to check on Aves (we're trying out nicknames). Anyway, Leia is making me super proud!

Training is going great. I just passed the 13 week mark until IMTX. I expect a healthy dose of panic to set in on Saturday when I reach 12 week status. The most critical part of training is upon me and while I'm super excited, I'm super nervous too. My mission for the next 12 weeks is to have solid workouts and stay healthy. This past Saturday I had a long ride and was able to get it in with Misty (Chris & her hubby Bill were also out on the ride). What a fun, fun ride. Misty & I spent the first part of it chit chatting but still managed to maintain a 17+ mph pace. We took advantage of the rest stops and even chowed down on what may have been the most delicious breakfast burrito. At about 40ish miles I said goodbye to Misty & back tracked so I could add mileage on as I need to go about 20 miles longer than she did. I really, really enjoyed the ride and was so glad to get out! After the ride, I had a short 15min run and then enjoyed post-ride food courtesy of the Humble Lions Club with Misty, Chris & Bill. All in all, a great day. The ride was not as challenging as what we're used to but I found I really enjoyed the change of scenery and just being out riding. My post-Ironman days may include a lot of cycling if Saturday is any indication.

With that, I'm off like a dress on prom night. :) Happy Monday and Happy Week ahead!


  1. Little Avery is too precious. Congrats to your family. I know ya'll must be so thrilled.

  2. I didn't know Stef fell off a bar into an ice bin. Thanks for that nugget of info!! Also, I am so amazed by your dedication to the iron man. Way to go!! :)

  3. Danielle, I am sure I've told you that story over margaritas at Tony's...I've got no secrets. Though Jenny, please do not share that story with my little Avery EVER!!!

    Avery is so excited to come and see you this Sunday in Galveston!