Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Training, training & more training!

I have to say, I had some concerns heading into this week. I've been staying with Stefanie, helping her out while she recovers from her C-section AND gets used to having Avery around. Leia & I packed up the essentials which pretty much consisted of a human size suitcase, my Team sTRIve transition bag, a separate workout bag, my bike trainer, my bike rack and of course, my bike. Oh, I've also got my work laptop as well as my personal laptop here. I now know what it means to pack everything, including the kitchen sink.

I've been pleased with my training since Avery's arrival. I've had to get creative but I've managed to get my workouts in (yay Jenny)! This week has actually been much better than I expected. I'm working about 4-5 hrs/day from Stef's house and then getting my workouts in whatever time of day works best given Avery & Stef's schedule. All in all, I can't complain at all. Or did I speak too soon????

I've complained about the pool at the 24 Hour Fitness in The Woodlands before but compared to the Sugar Land 24, The Woodlands is like a freaking resort. The gym itself is older which is painfully obvious when you enter the locker room and are greeted to Pepto pink tile on the wall with blue trim. Or maybe it was the other way around. Either way. Nasty. I tried to touch as little as possible as the locker room was also not quite as clean as I would like. I entered the pool area and was just sad. I am spoiled rotten by the NAT and can't wait to get back there. There were only 2 lanes roped off for swimming and the rest of the pool was open and was occupied a hodge-podge of folks, most doing water aerobics (no, there was no class). There were also about 3 people trying to swim laps but with the lanes not being roped off, it was more of a cluster. I observed the folks swimming in the designated lanes in an attempt to figure out who would be better to share with. Ok, these lanes were NARROW. Like, super narrow. There was a lady swimming and her arms flailed about with little purpose and I immediately knew I couldn't swim with her. I don't really like being hit in the face/body in a non-race setting and while it would've been great practice for IMTX, I just wasn't in the mood to deal w/ that. The other lane was occupied by a man stretching and mainly walking back & forth. He would be my lane mate. I asked if I could share the lane and he happily obliged. Lucky for me, he was only in the pool about 15 more minutes so I got the claustraphobic lane all to myself. Yay me! Ok, this pool was just plain nasty. Clearly 24 dumps every chemical they can find to keep the pool clean. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate them killing any and all bacteria but I don't appreciate the effect it has on my skin. And the itching it causes is just not right. I had to put it all out of mind though as I had an important swim to get through....swim as far as I could in an hour. It didn't matter how strong the smell of chemicals was or how bad my butt started to itch, I had to keep swimming. Let me tell you, nobody has ever gotten out of a pool so fast and showered so quickly after a swim. I just knew if I didn't get rinsed off, my skin would probably peel off.

I'm looking forward to my workouts the rest of the week and to hitting the 12 week mark. Man, that is a milestone I never thought would come so soon. Woo hoo.

It's getting late and this tired auntie needs to get her beauty sleep! And this tired triathlete needs to rest up for her Thursday workouts!

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  1. Ew sick...that just make me cringe! Hope your skin is doing alright today :) I love that you are hanging out with Stef and Avery this week- how fun! I am going to blow dry my hair and call you back!! Time to catch up!