Monday, August 8, 2011

New Chapter or New Book?

For those of you who are still following my blog, you know that I've been without a coach since IMTX. Long story short, I made the decision to switch back to Kim Hager who had been my original coach (along w/ Bill Dwyer). Shortly after making that decision and having some great conversations/email exchanges with Kim about my goals, tragedy struck her family and she made the decision to stop coaching. Given I didn't have any huge races on the horizon, I decided I would just sit tight for awhile and think about what I wanted to do. Given I had been thinking about leaving Strive for awhile, I looked forward to having the time to do my own thing and just enjoy whatever training I felt like doing (or didn't feel like doing). I really had every intention of just "coaching" myself. I got online, did lots of research and pulled together workouts from the past I knew I liked but then tweaked them to like them even more!

As I thought more & more about my two primary goals: PR at the 70.3 distance and PR at the half-marathon distance, I wondered if I could get myself there without injury. In 2008 & 2009 I had stress fractures as a result of over training, the first one was when I was training myself. Hmmm. Having been relatively injury free all of 2010, I started to get a little worried.

After talking w/ Keith, as well as some close friends & training partners (you know who you are), I knew I just had to do the best thing for me even if it was awkward or uncomfortable or whatever. And so it began. :)

About 1.5 weeks ago I officially joing Outrival Racing (ORR). I thought maybe I would have some regrets about the decision but I have to tell you, I have absolutely none! After talking w/ Michelle & Ana about where I am right now and where I want to be, I realized the fit was perfect!

Team Strive was my first "team" and I will always appreciate all the hard work that went into getting me ready for my first 70.3, my first Ironman, etc. I met some wonderful people through Strive and I know I'll see everyone out on the road now & again and definitely at races.

I wondered last night if this was a new chapter or a new book. Maybe it's more like a new volume? Regardless of what you call it, I'm very excited!!!!! My upcoming races have new purpose and I completely trust that my new coach & team will help me achieve, maybe even surpass my goals. I think I'm going to be pushed outside my comfort zone and I'm looking forward to it.

This evening will be my first official workout according to the new plan I am to follow. I peaked at my Tuesday swim workout and I'm really pumped to get back in the water and have some challenging intervals to hit (or miss). :) The tri focused blog updates are on their way back. Stay tuned.......

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