Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can I get a What What?

Y'all know how I love to Google images for all my posts right?  Well, the title of this post sent me on my way to find a suitable image.  Below is what came back.  Priceless.

This may end up being my new FB profile pic.  

So guess what?  It's race week again!  The Houston Half snuck up on me once again but I'm super excited for Sunday all the same.  This is my 5th Houston Half and I'm hoping it will be just as fun as ever.  As you know, I would typically share with you all my hopes and dreams for a race when I blog during race week but not this time.  Nope!  Remember that one of my resolutions is to learn to race and that's just what I'll be tackling come Sunday.  I will be running technology free for the first time in a race (well, excluding all the 5k's I did back in the 90's just for the t-shirt).  I'm just going to run.  My brother Luke will be out there as well on Sunday and will also be running the half. Luke signed up for the full but didn't really get to train for it so changed his registration to the half.  Luke will be running with his friend and they are shooting for a PR...a big PR.  Luke's friend asked if I would be running with them (clearly he was D-runk).  Umm, I wish.  No Mr. 7.5 min half marathoner, I will be running a slightly slower pace.  I have asked Luke to come back out on the course to find me and run me in though.  I do want to run my last few miles as hard as possible and have instructed him to come and kick my Kim K. bootie to the finish.  For all you peeps also out there this weekend, I hope you have fantastic races!

I also spend a little time talking about race day attire.  Yeah, I'm not ready to discuss that yet either.  I feel like such a slacker and yet I don't really mind.  I did purchase an Outrival singlet so I have that as an option.  I may choose to leave the team colors at home though and just wear whatever is race day appropriate weather wise.  The good news is that I've tested plenty of outfits and know what will work and what won't.  The outfit below may or may not be in the running (if only it were black & red).  

OMG.  If I wore this on race day, the residents of Houston would get quite the show.
My biggest issue with her choice of running attire is that her flip flops don't match her dress. 

Truth be told, the pic above came up when I searched my race number on Google Images.  I was hoping to get another cool highway sign but I guess having a 5 digit race number kind of prevents that from happening.  It seemed all my searches were pulling up pictures that had nothing to do with what I was typing in the search field.  My last image to share with you is yet another that came up when I searched my bib number.  The pic of the right doesn't appear to have anything to do with running or my bib number or me. Or does it?  Umm, wait a minute.  Every image that came back through my searches tonight were meant for me.  The pic at the very top (the one with the dude sticking his tongue out) is a perfect depiction of me chasing my brother.  The pic of Obama & Biden is classic b/c I'm like Biden, always making faces at weird times.  The chick running in the tube dress is wearing green & gold,the colors of Alvarado Middle School...where I spent 5th - 8th grade.  And finally,Gollum.  I LOVE Lord of The Rings.  Gollum was totally meant for me. 

So there you have it.  My non-traditional (even by my standards) race week update.  I hope you all are having a great week and may the days ahead be full of sunshine and chocolate!

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  1. Good luck, I'll be waiting for your next post! Zanetta