Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve & New Years Day

My blogging in 2012 is off to a great start!  It's Monday, January 2nd and I'm enjoying my last day of vacation.  The dogs let me sleep in until 7am and I'm about to get my run on.  :)  

I've never been a huge fan of going out on NYE but always seemed to do something.  The past few years, we've been at Keith's, usually with Hannah and some of her friends.  This year she did something different and we were left to figure out on our own what we would do.  We kicked around the idea of going to a nice dinner since several restaurants had special NYE menus but then we decided we'd rather just sit around at home.  Since we came to that conclusion a week or so before NYE, we had time to get online and order us an awesome pizza from Lou Malnati's in Chicago.  Okay, we didn't order just one pizza...we ordered 4 as we realized the shipping cost is the same for 1 or 4 pizzas and this way, we have extra for nights we don't want to cook.  

We did have a few errands to run NYE day and so we set out on our mission to start 2012 organized and went to The Container Store.  I swear I hear angels singing every time I enter that place.  I LOVE getting stuff organized and I love that store.  After that, it was off to HEB for their Coinstar as I had a lot of change accumulating in my Star Wars beer stein (those who doubt how much of a Star Wars fan I am really shouldn't).  I asked Keith if he wanted to make a guess about how much change I had.  He guessed $30 while I guessed $60.  Final total?  $65ish.  Woo hoo!!!!  If you get a gift card from Coinstar vs a cash voucher, there are no fees so I selected an Amazon gift card and got online to order my Star Wars Blu Rays.  :)  

I was very happy to visit the Coinstar machine!  Kid in a candy store.  
The rest of the day was spent organizing (remember, I did go to The Container Store) while Keith worked in his wood shop.  Mucho props to Keith for getting so much done this break.  Our NYE celebrating started at about 7ish and I'm happy to report we were even able to stay up until midnight!!!!  

I hope you all had an awesome NYE and are enjoying these first few days so far!  Now, off to run!!!  :)

Organizing my "adult beverage" center.
 Don't laugh, I also have a baking center.  

An awesome way to ring in the New Year!  BTW, the wine was fab!

Mmm....dessert.  :)

Well, at least Keith looks good.  

Aww, a NYE kiss for Sophie. Not sure she's enjoying it though.

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