Sunday, July 15, 2012

One heck of a week!

This has been one heck of a week.  We were in Chicago for the 4th of July and were super excited to get home to our fur babies, Sophie & Leia.  Little did we know what we had in store for us.  

Long story short, Sophie has been a sick little thing for the better part of a year.  Her disease causes her body to be unable to keep its protein.  With the help of Texas A&M Vet Hospital, she's made great progress and was feeling better than ever.  We had just been given the green light to extend her regular visits with them from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.  

Sunday night, Sophie squealed like I had stepped on her when I gave her meds....something I've given to her hundreds of times with no issue.  We decided she needed to go in as we suspected a tooth issue.  Sophie's physical exam looked fine but our favorite doctor, Dr. Waugh decided to do some blood work.  They found that Sophie's WBC count was incredibly low (like well below the low end of the normal range).  Sophie stayed in ICU for two days before being sent home.  In addition, she had two bone marrow biopsies done where they basically use a very small hand drill to get what they need.  Thankfully, Sophie does not have lymphoma like we suspected but she does have something serious going on and we don't know what.  She goes back to A&M tomorrow for another ultrasound, this one around her heart as they want to rule out some type of infection there.  They suspect she has some sort of autoimmune disease and if they start her on those meds and Sophie does have another infection, it could kill her which is why they need to rule this out first.  They don't expect to find an infection around her heart but it's better to be safe than sorry.  Thank you all for being so understanding as we posted pics of our little angel!

After a week spent worrying and crying (a lot), I was not looking forward to my race today at all.  I had prayed the weather would suck so I could have a reason to miss it.  At the last minute (well after getting my packet), I knew I needed to do this race so I could snap out of my depressed funk from the week.  I'm SO glad I did!!  I swam the same distance I covered at CB&I 2 minutes faster so was thrilled.  My bike was somewhere in the 18.8 - 19.5 range (online results said 14.1 but was incorrect as I rode 16+ miles in 51 minutes and that does not equal 14.1mph thank you very much).  The run continues to be my nemesis which is really unfortunate because for the longest time, the run was my best event.  While the official results show a much slower pace, my actual pace was about 11:40min/mile.  That bugs me a bit but at the same time, I know I'm working hard to improve and I am showing improvement.  I'm also still working on dropping some more weight which WILL help my run.  I need to continue to be positive and just work hard.  I WILL get there.  

As always, special thanks to my two most committed cheerleaders:  Keith & Hannah!  It is so nice having their faces out there.  And I really wish I could've witnessed them 

So there you have it....a very eventful week. Next race will be August 5th at Bridgeland.  It's my last sprint of the season (don't worry, I have an Oly & Half Iron coming up) so I'm very anxious to go out with a bang.  And by "bang" I mean go out with a run that is a little closer to my old times.  Anything in the 10min mile range would be perfect!!!!!

Have a great week!  

Running with my bike out of T1.  Look at that form!  LOL!

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