Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heavy sweater right here!

No, that's not just a "healthy glow".  That is sweat my friends!
I do love living in Texas and in all honesty, the heat isn't SO bad.  I mean, it could be way worse (knock on wood).  

Training this weekend has been a major sweat-fest.  When you're riding, it's deceiving b/c you don't notice the sweat until you stop.  That's when you realize you're a soggy mess.  But when running, it's clear very early on.  

I started my long run this morning fairly well hydrated and of course, dressed appropriately for the conditions.  Granted, I started my run nearly 2 hours later than planned.  I literally slept about 3 hours Friday night so knew I needed to rest my body.  Thankfully, I had no trouble sleeping last night and decided to take advantage of a few more hours of much needed rest.  I probably won't make that mistake again.  :)

When I tell you I was soaked, I'm not even exaggerating  I tied my hair up in a tight bun and still managed to fling sweat from my head with nearly every step.  I guess the sweat could've been coming from my eyebrows.  I was wearing a new pair of running shorts (Lulu of course) and they were soaked through in about 2 miles.  No, I didn't wet myself.  As I passed other runners, I wondered why many of them weren't sweating like I was.  "Oh, they must not be working hard like I am" I thought.  No, they just aren't sweaty-Betty's like me.  

I of course carried fluids with me and had to refill twice along the run.  I finished off my water bottles in record time, another sign the temps are seriously on the rise. 

I do have a love/hate relationship with sweat as I can be embarrassed yet proud at the same time.  I don't know, something about sweat tells other people that you are tough and you are strong.  It also tells them not to get too close b/c you also smell like a goat!

Happy Sunday & happy training!

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  1. I am super sweaty too when I run - I mean, come on... it's freaking HOT!