Monday, April 29, 2013

19 days and counting.....

Is it possible that IMTX is really only 19 days away?  It's not that I don't feel ready...I feel very ready. I just can't believe it's here already!  

Taking a quick rest stop to stretch.  I love my bike!
So how has been training been going?  Well, I'm glad you asked!  Training continues to go really well.  I have tough days and I have really awesome days just like everyone else.  I've found that with this Ironman, I'm really enjoying my training so much more...even the bad days.  I've learned a ton the past year but especially the past few months.  When I'm training, I try to only think about what I'm doing right then.  I try not to let my mind wander to my next workout or anything else I might have going on.  This is something that I'll need to do during Ironman...stay in the moment.  I figured it made sense to try it now.  It's weird because there are workouts where I find I think about absolutely nothing at all.  I count in my head.  I count my steps or pedal strikes.  But that's about it.  Nothing else.  How is it possible that by thinking of nothing, you can lose yourself in a ride.  For example, on my last century + ride, I completely missed my turn.  As I was passing it, I glanced to the right to make sure there was no traffic and saw Keith.  Oops!  Missed my turn.  Poor Keith thought he had goofed up the SAG directions again.  You would think that I was lost deep in thought and that's why I missed my turn.  Nope, I was just in a zone.  

Pre or post 18 miler?  I can't remember!
Yesterday I "only" had to run for 2 hours.  Yes, for those of you who are Ironmen in training, you know exactly what I mean.  To most folks, running 2 hours would be a miserable chore.  But for us, it means we get a little break.  That's just crazy talk!  Before my "easy" 2 hour run (which was anything but easy but I'll get to that later), I ran 18 miles.  My 18 miler the weekend before last was awesome. It was a challenge, don't get me wrong.  It was just  a lot of fun.  Well, fun until I made a turn on to Flintridge and was greeted by hills.  I haven't run there in so long, I forgot how hilly it was.  I kid you not when I tell you I went from laughing to sighing out loud (very loudly).  Come on Jenny, Flintridge at the end of your longest training run?  Nice.  At the end of the day though, I'm glad I did it.  What doesn't kill you makes you a stronger runner right?  And I figure Flintridge and I will need to make friends soon as I have a feeling I'll be running it a lot once marathon training starts.  :)

This past Saturday I rode my final "long" ride.  While I do have 60 miles this weekend, I no longer consider that distance long.  I told you I was brainwashed! Anyway, on Saturday, I rode 90 miles....60 miles solo and 30 with my man.  What a great ride.  I left my place at 6:20am all lit up like a Christmas tree.  I wanted to get on the road early so I could get home in time to shower and head out to meet up w/ my sis and Danielle.  I set off on my route and as you can imagine, was greeted with very few riders and very few cars until about 9am.  I got to my scheduled rest stop before Keith (my SAG) did.  He couldn't believe I was moving so quickly. I was not so secretly giddy.  Before I knew it, I was finishing up 60 and picking him up for 30 more.  While we were out, we got rained on for a bit and I'm glad we did.  I needed to cool off a bit and I thought it wouldn't hurt to get some practice riding in the rain since that's something I'm not really comfortable with.  You never know when you might get a sprinkle on race day!  Oh Lord, please don't let that happen for IMTX.  :)  Luckily, we were on 1488 when the rain came down so we had a super wide shoulder and so I felt safer.  We turned around at 1488 & 1774 and headed home.  I started craving Dr. Pepper shortly after and asked Keith if we could PLEASE go get one.  Of course, that was no problem for him.  Once we were about 5 miles from home, I could smell Dr. Pepper.  And when I crave Dr. Pepper after a ride, I only want it from the gas station fountain.  I do not want a bottle, can or anything else.  Of course, once I get the DP, I can never finish it but that's besides the point.  That first sip is always the best thing ever.  

My run yesterday while only 2 hours was anything but easy.  I didn't leave the house until nearly 11am. I figured I may as well run in the heat b/c it's going to be hot on May 18th.  Holy crap.  I took in more fluids than I ever do which was a good thing.  If there was a water fountain, I stopped at it and refilled my water bottles.  During my last 3 miles, I was definitely feeling the heat and took a quick walk break to get in some more fluids.  A lady, her daughter and dog started talking with me and ran with me for about 8 or 9 minutes.  It was the exact pick-me-up I needed.  I didn't get her name but learned that she lives next door (or close to my coach).  Small world.  A reminder that I need to watch  how I behave on runs b/c my coach has spies...everywhere.  

You all know I love Lululemon with a passion.  One day I got bored and started to total up how much I've spent there.  Holy crap!  Oh well, I love the stuff.  I mean if you workout as much as I do, the investment is well worth it.  Anyway, the nice folks at Lulu display the names of all the IMTX participants. I absolutely love the display this year b/c they've got the shape of Texas proudly displayed.  

Well, it's a race week.  CB&I sprint triathlon is this weekend.  I'm SO ready to get out there and race like a crazy woman.  My instructions are clear...vomit at the finish.  I really hope I do!  I did this race last year for the first time in about 1:45 and am aiming to take some significant time off that.  Wish me luck!

It's time to sign off..I have a massage soon and need to get some food in me.  Happy training!!!!

There's the great state (and store) I love!

Ahh, my name. It's getting super official!

Look how happy I am!!  Let's do this!!

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