Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank you rain for stopping for a bit!

Here she is!!!! My new bike. I'm not sure if I'll name her or not. I didn't name my Motobecane and she didn't seem to mind.

I got home from work last night and was pleased to see the storm clouds were gone and there were only minimal puddles on the road. I decided I would get my bike out on the road vs the trainer. I have a 30 mile ride w/my team on Sunday and I really wanted to have a little time on the bike first to get acquainted with it. My first (and only) mishap took place in the comfort of my own driveway. As I was mounting the bike, my shorts got caught on the seat and I tipped right over. Yes, I blame the shorts and not my big butt. As I was going down, all I could think was, "please don't scratch my pretty bike"! Because of that thought, I made sure to keep my body between the bike & ground the whole time and sacrificed the skin on me to protect her. My thought is that some day, the bike will remember I did this and will bless me with lots of speed. :)

The rest of the ride was completely uneventful. I found a quiet area with little traffic and practiced getting in aero & shifting. I have to say, the bike is incredibly comfortable and rides terrific. Being in aero isn't as scary as I thought....until of course a car darts in front of you, blowing through the stop sign and you quickly have to hit the brakes. What the heck is wrong with people? The red sign means STOP. Anyway, I digress. I felt really good out there and am looking forward to getting the bike out on Sunday. Thankfully I'm scheduled for an easy ride and I plan to take full advantage of that and continue practice with my beautiful QR.

I had a short run to do last night as well to keep the legs loose and that went well. Nice easy pace and I'm ready for my long run this weekend! I was going to post a picture of my injured knee but it really doesn't look bad enough to post. It would get me no sympathy at all!!!!

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