Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Umm, it's JULY (and other weekend thoughts)....

So 2010 is moving at lightning speed! I can't believe it's July already!!!!! That means my first 70.3 race is in exactly 4 months. H O L Y C R A P! Enough about that though.

The 4 day weekend was much needed (thank you Ernst & Young for giving us Friday AND Monday off). While there were no big plans on the calendar, I didn't mind one bit b/c I got to relax and workout when I wanted to! Score!!!! I already told you about my soggy Saturday run. Sunday I had a nice 25 mile ride w/ my teammates. Well, half the ride was with teammates....the last half was me & Misty b/c we didn't have the same mileage as everyone else. Needless to say, we were both itching to go further. This weekend Coach will let us do 30 but I think we were both hoping for 40ish. I'm not going to complain though b/c I know soon enough I'll have some big mileage and will be longing for the days of an easy 25 mile ride.

So evidently, EVERYONE in my life thinks they're a swimmer. And when I say everyone, I really just mean Keith & Leia. I have never seen Keith swim (until Sunday night when he showed me some of his mad aquatic skills) yet he still insists he can beat me in the pool. Now, I'm know Dara Torres but I have improved A LOT and have become a lot more confident. Initially he wanted to race 25yds but I had to put my foot down. That's just a waste of gas driving to the pool. I have him convinced we need to race at least 100yds so we'll see.

As if it's not enough that Keith is bragging, Leia decided to show off her pool skills Sunday night. My little 6lb puppy jumped in the pool on the 4th of July and started swimming laps. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but she was definitely swimming. I didn't have my camera on me to capture her effortless stroke but did get an after shot. Leia loved drying herself on Keith's very comfy & warm couch. :) Believe it or not, she look like a rat when she came out of the water!
Monday brought 1,000yd time trial in the pool that went pretty well. Honestly, I thought I was faster than what my time showed but hey, I'm not going to complain. I've improved leaps & bounds since October and I will continue to improve.
Last night was BRUTAL. 5x800 was the workout (well, the workout was 4-6x800 but #6 wasn't in the cards for me). Each 800 was to be at sub 5k pace which is pretty tough to maintain when you are doing it alone. Yes, I work out w/ a team but for the next few weeks, my track workouts are solo since I can't get to the track in time to run with my team. Such is life! I was so proud of myself for making it through but secretly wish my pacing would've been a little faster. I constantly remind myself that these temperatures & humidity take a big toll and not to stress. At the end of the day, I ran my hardest and put forth every ounce of effort I had. Yay me!
Well, today is the big day....I pick up my bike!!!!!! Pics to come later and I can't wait. Wish me luck!!!!!

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