Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buh Bye Ironman Blues!

To all my Ironman friends who didn't give me the heads up that I might feel a little blue come Monday, SHAME ON YOU. As I sat in bed Monday morning, I burst into tears because the race I had been looking forward to and training for the past 10ish months was gone. Just like that. I seriously thought I was going crazy. Who cries b/c they are done with 140.6 miles? I was glad to hear this was "normal". I have to use quotes b/c it has become perfectly clear to me that triathletes are anything but normal.

I have to tell you, the past few days have been really nice. I've been able to relax with my puppies and not rush anywhere. It has felt so good to relax and not feel guilty about it and not be worried about what workout I'm missing. Ahh. I won't lie though, I'm looking forward to hitting the gym for a nice, easy swim or little spin on the bike. No running. Not yet. What I'm most excited for though is to talk with my coach about the races I've selected for the remainder of the year and go over my goals. I will be doing a few races I've done in the past specifically because I want to see how I've improved. I am so excited! I'm also looking forward to coming up with a long term plan...which I'll be sharing with you all as soon as I've figured it out. I can tell you that a major fire was lit under my backside on Saturday night and the athlete within that I've been saying isn't there came busting out! A lot is going to change for me in the coming weeks & months and I'm just so looking forward to it all. For now, I want to continue enjoying this huge accomplishment. I am so very proud of myself!

I continue to hear such wonderful words of encouragement from all of you. I truly have an amazing support system. I really don't think I will ever be able to tell each of you how much you meant to me through all this. I'm so far beyond lucky, it's just not even funny!

My lunchbreak is over so it's time to bring this post to an end. I'm thinking my next post will be an ode to Leia & Sophie who are very happy to have their mommy back! :)


  1. You're making me feel REALLY lazy! I haven't done any form of exercise in over a week, and my only upcoming event is a 10 mile run in AUGUST! (But it's in Baltimore where it won't be Houston-weather-miserable.)

  2. I love the part about the athlete inside that you tried to deny. Beautifully said!!!!!!