Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The LOVE/HATE Edition

As I sat eating My Shit Foods yesterday, I found myself reflecting on the week I'd had to that point AND the major week ahead. Taper madness has given me the opportunity to think about the things I'm loving & hating most right now. Let us proceed.


1. Slowtwitch - The message boards have kept me thoroughly entertained the past few weeks. There is always some thread that seems to just lift my spirits at just the perfect time. It started with all the talk about wetsuit vs no wetsuit at IMTX. I especially loved the threads that said anyone who wears a wetsuit at IMTX shouldn't be there. Well, I will address those comments in the next section. All I have to say is all the posts about the weather on May 21st really were funny to read. It's Texas. In May. It will be hot. Duh. Thanks for getting me through lunch today Slowtwitch!

2. Wind - See, I could've said I hated you but that would be expected so instead, I love you! In all honesty, I'm over the windy days BUT am grateful to have had them as I know it's making me stronger for race day. That being said, I would truly appreciate more tailwind and less headwind next week. Thanks so much!

3. John Rich & Lil Jon - I am hooked on The Celebrity Apprentice and more importantly, I'm hooked on JR and LJ, my pet names for them. I am so excited these two made it to the final 4! Seriously, could you have a crush on any two more random folks? While I used to hate hearing "Save a horse, Ride a Cowboy", it's now become my favorite song thanks to John Rich! He has such a way with words. :)

4. DeSoto Speedtube - To fully appreciate this, you'll need to see item #2 in the Hate section. Let me just say I love DeSoto! The Speedtube is basically wetsuit pants. You enjoy the benefit of wearing a wetsuit but avoid overheating by having your upper body covered. I tested mine out last night and it was love at first site. Well, love only after I managed to pull that tiny sucker over my ample bottom!


1. My left foot - I know I shouldn't hate my own foot but I do. Maybe it's running form, maybe it's past injuries, maybe it's b/c of my lack of arch....whatever the cause, I'm tired of the random pain in my left foot. Be consistent! Either hurt, or don't hurt. I take that back. Only be consistent if you will stop hurting. No, I haven't gone to the doctor and I have no intention of going until after IMTX. I can go run 16 miles and feel nothing but then have a 5 miler where it just annoys the crap out of me. Sometimes it gives me grief on the bike, sometimes it doesn't. My left foot is so moody. If it knows what's good for it, she'll cooperate on May 21st and keep me from cursing her name!

2. Haters - So back to Slowtwitch. The thread about wetsuits really, really bothers me. More specifically, the person who said anyone who wears a wetsuit for IMTX shouldn't be racing. To you, I say SUCK IT HATER. So for those of you non-triathletes out there, let me briefly explain. Wetsuits are legal in water temperatures up to 76.1 degrees Farenheit. Wetsuits are ILLEGAL in temperatures over 83.8 degrees Farenheit. I know you're all very smart and you can see there's a gap there. You might be asking what to do in temps between 76.1 & 83.8? Well, for those temperatures, wetsuits are allowed BUT an athlete would not be eligible for age group awards. You know, it's a personal decision what someone might do for temps between 76.1 & 83.8 degrees. Do some people wear wetsuits b/c they help them go faster? Yes. Are some more comfortable with them? Yes. Is it smart to wear a full wetsuit in those temps, umm, no. Again, it gets back to a personal decision and knowing your body and how it responds to heat. For me personally, if the water temperature is warmer, a wetsuit is a bad idea b/c I know I'll get warm and don't want to overheat. Hence the purchase of the Speedtube. I'm not going to place in my age group anyway so being ineligible for prizes is not an issue. I just think it's rude & inconsiderate for someone to say I shouldn't be there if I choose to wear one.

3. Wind - Sorry, after swimming at Lake Windcrest last night, I'm back to strongly disliking the wind. Don't get me wrong, the conditions provided me good practice and I actually felt like I swam pretty darn well. That being said, getting slapped around by the waves just got old.

So there you have it. My love & hate list for the week. I know I keep talking about my race day wardrobe and I believe I'm at a point I can photograph my outfits and post them...I just need to do some more laundry! The good news is I have worn everything I'm still considering for race day so I know everything works and feels good. I'm still trying to figure out how much sTRIve gear I can incorporate given our clothing order was cancelled (boo).

Happy Thursday to all! I'm sure I'll be back for another post before the weekend is over! :) Ooh, shout out to Keith's daughter, Caitlin!!!! She'll be graduating from Texas State this weekend. She has done AWESOME in school and will be moving on to TCU for grad school. Go Caitlin! We're proud of you!!!!

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  1. I LOVE these blog posts and I HATE that I won't be in town to cheer you on during the IMTX!