Friday, May 6, 2011

Warning: The following post does contain information many will deem as "TMI". Please proceed at your own risk.

Don't worry, the entire post won't be gross. And for the sake of dragging it out, let's just cut to the chase. I've been focusing on eating healthy the past few weeks and will do so up until IMTX. Yes, I realize last night after swim I enjoyed not one but TWO margaritas with Micah, Dee & Keith but it was Cinco de Mayo and given my nephew is half Mexican, there was no way I couldn't celebrate. Yes, I HAD to have the margaritas in honor of my 4-yr old nephew! :) So now that I've completely digressed, let me get to the TMI part. I've been consuming meals from My Fit Foods and have been enjoying the benefits of increased energy and easy mealtime planning. And while I do appreciate the fact it's making me more "regular" (I really hope you know what I mean so I don't have to spell it out), it's also making me really gassy. I'm not going to try to lie here, I used to take pride in the fact that I could fart on command. For the talent-less, this was a talent. I mean, it just never got old. And for the times I couldn't perform, I usually had a whoopie cushion on hand. I fondly remember one year at girls camp (for church no less) I brought a whoopie cushion and at night when everyone was climbing in their sleeping bags, I would squeeze it and giggle until I fell asleep. At our church service, I took it in and stuck it under my dress and did the same thing all through church. I wasn't embarrassed at all. I loved it. This week, I haven't needed a whoopie cushion though. Given I've been dating Keith for six L O N G years now, I of course shared the news with him while watching Modern Family. And when I say I shared the news with him, I didn't tell him, I showed him what was happening to me. Don't be horrified, he finds my pooting skills endearing. But even Keith was amazed by the frequency. When I woke up this morning, I discoverd the "Fit" on all the My Fit Foods in my fridge had been replaced and they all now read, "My Shit Foods". Yes, Keith went in and vandalized my meals. I have to admit, I haven't laughed harder this week and it really is fitting.

So now that we're done with the gross part of the post, it's time for some training/pre-IMTX ramblings. Our new uniform order will not arrive in time for the race so I find myself once again revisiting what I'll be wearing on race day. The planner in me is very distraught by this. I mean, I should know absolutely what I'll be wearing! Don't cry for me just yet Argentina...I have some ideas. The swim is easy. If I'm able to wear a wetsuit/Speedtube, I'm going to wear my NEW sTRIve swimsuit as it's super cute. Unfortunately it's a little big so wearing it alone is a big NO NO as I don't want the drag it will create. If the water temp is over 83, I'll be wearing either the Wonder Woman suit or the old sTRIve suit. I've worn both in OWS and they both work. I do have two bike outfits that have been tested and work for me so I'll be prepared for either. The run is wear I'm still undecided. Outfit 1 is just plain cute and easy for Keith to spot. Outfit 2 would include flying the sTRIve colors. I had planned to wear the new team tank I ordered but since that won't be here, I may just go with the team singlet. We'll see.

Training itself is going fine. Taper week has been ok....a little nerve wracking. My legs have felt sore almost every day which makes NO sense at all. Last night Dee told me about phantom pains as she's getting them. Hmmm, maybe that's what my sore legs are b/c there is no reason for me to be sore this week. This weekend I am to run no more than 13 miles and my long ride is only 4 hours. My sister told me I shouldn't say "only" b/c 4 hours is still a LONG time. I can't help that I'm brainwashed to think 4 hrs is short! Blame my coach! For those who are counting, we're only 15 days away from IRONMAN TEXAS. Yep, 15!

I'm hoping to settle the IMTX wardrobe dilemna in the next few days and when I do, I will be posting pictures of what I'll wear. I want my fans to know how to spot me! I'm also going to be riding the IMTX course on the back of Keith's motorcycle this weekend and will try to get some pics! I'm so excited. Yes, I've seen the course but we want to map out where Keith MIGHT try to find me on race day. And I want to get out there one last time and see the course in all her glory!

Good luck to all racing CB&I this weekend! I'll be there to volunteer AND cheer you on!


  1. Ha ha ha- I love that you're gassy and my dad pulled a good one on the foods! Great read. Cannot wait to see what you'll be wearing..decide soon, we're anxious :)

  2. LOL...I nearly pee'd my pants reading the top part. Well done, Keith. Very funny!

    I vote for the wonder woman suit!