Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Decisions! Decisions!

To be or not to be, that is the question. Should I stay or should I go? You can get with this or you can get with that. Do you ever feel like you are being faced with choice after choice, decision after decision? Do you just want to say "UNCLE" and be done with it already?

The past few months, it's felt like I've had one decision to make after another. NBD (no big deal for those of you not quite hip enough yet). I'm not a risk taker when it comes to certain parts of my life so I like to make pros/cons lists and really think about decisions I make. It's just who I am! I wouldn't say I get to the point where I'm paralyzed and can't make a decision normally but sort of feels that way.

So what are some of these big decisions? Well, I won't bore you with all the details but I'll share a few with you!

1. M-Dot tattoo? Yay or nay (and that's a rhetorical question)? Being tattoo free for nearly 37 years now, I'm really not in a big rush to deface my body. However, every time I see that oh-so-special M-Dot logo on calf, ankle or back, I become ever so slightly green with envy. I have gone back & forth & back again at least 900 times since before IMTX. Have I made a decision? Yes. Am I going to tell you? No! I've heard so many opinions on what I should/shouldn't do (and I truly value what you've all shared), I just want to sit with the decision I've made for awhile and see how I feel. So I guess you'll just have to wait & see (or not see). ;)

2. Race or not race this weekend? That's another one that really threw me for a loop the past few weeks. Like I've blogged before, I started out thinking I would absolutely race AND would put the pedal to the metal and race hard. As I got further & further from IMTX I wondered why the heck I thought it would be smart to race 8 weeks after the biggest race of my life. After deciding last week that I wouldn't race, I decided this week that I would. I've reevaluated my long term racing goals and thought about risk vs reward. I'm going to race Sunday but have fun and not push too hard. I'm going to test myself on the swim a bit and have fun going fast on the bike and then just see what happens on the run. I haven't raced in July before and it's going to be hot. No worries.

3. Butter or margarine? Who am I kidding, this is no choice at all....butter baby!

4. Upgrade my carpet to wood floors or build a backyard patio? Ugh. This decision is driving me crazy. There are a ton of things I want to do to my house but I can't do it all at once so I need to prioritize. It's time to price out the patio materials and see how that compares. I just had my carpets cleaned so I'm thinking wood floors will be on the horizon for next year and I can't wait!

5. IMFL 2012 or IMTX 2013? I have time to make this decision but it's weighed heavily on my mind. I desperately want to race another IM and am looking forward to having a time goal. Every day that passes with IMTX 2012 still open is a temptation for me. The sooner I can officially sign up for something else, the better! I really would love to do a race in a different location but at the same time, I REALLY want my support crew. The jury is still out but IMFL 2011 is right around the corner and therefore, so too is sign up for 2012!

So there you have it, a few of the things occupying my thoughts lately. Oh, there are others but I really don't think there's enough time before I go to bed to blog about them all.

Another post is quick to follow as I have some other, non-triathlon items on my brain!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I have an opinion for you on all of these topics...if you want to know my opinion just ask. :-)

  2. Maybe a bumper sticker instead of a tattoo. I'm conservative though.
    You amaze me with your talent to race. It's truly amazing that you can push yourself like that. Awesome talent you have.
    Good luck with all of your decisions. May you never regret. :)

  3. Thanks Malinda!!!!! :)

    And Stef, you would tell me yes to tattoo, don't race this weekend, butter, wood floors and no more IM race but if I have to do one, IMTX 2013. Did I get it right?

  4. I would love you to do the IMTX 2013!! and you know why :-)--new age group!! woo hoo... know who!! (I'm 90% sure you do)

  5. I'm not in a new age group until 2014!!!!


  6. You mean YOU'RE in a a new age group, not me. In that case, I know EXACTLY who this is. :)

    -Me :)