Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Never Say Never

You know, sometimes I even surprise myself. For those of you following my blog, you know I've had two bad experiences racing in Galveston. In 2010 I was attempting my first Oly but passed out early into the run. Earlier this year, I traveled the short distance to Galveston again to participate in the 70.3 race, part of my IMTX prep. After two flat tires, I missed the bike cut-off and was pulled from the race. That SUCKED. My initial reaction was to flip G-Town the bird and never look back. I realized that wasn't my style and knew I would go back to Galveston....someday.

My coach called me today to check on me and see what I thought of some emails she had sent me analyzing the results from the Houston Oly. I assured her I was fine and then she dropped the bomb. How would I feel about signing up for the 5150 race in Galveston (5150 is the new race series put on by Ironman...it's an Olympic distance race). Umm, my initial reaction was not just no but hell to the no. Yeah, I knew I needed to tackle Galveston again and get on the scoreboard but I did not think I would be doing it this year. And definitely not two weeks before my A race, OilMan. Ana asked me to think about it & I promised I would.

Of course, I called Keith and my sister for their thoughts. Stef laughed and told me she thought Ana was the perfect coach for me and likes that she knows exactly what I need and what makes me tick. I wasn't sure what Keith would think about me racing but suspected he would say to do it. At the same time, he hates Galveston and has said he never wants to go back. When I talked to him he said, "Go kick that races ass so we never have to go back to that sh%t hole". :) So with that, it looks like I'm adding another Oly to my schedule and it's in 25ish days.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first about adding a race 2 weeks before my 70.3 but I trust Ana completely and she wouldn't have me add a race to my schedule if she thought it would jeopardize another race. Ready or not Galveston, here I come!

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