Monday, September 26, 2011

Post Race Thoughts

Ok. So I started typing this post a few days ago and then kept saving it & walking away from it. This will be a pretty unconventional race report. :) In a nutshell, I had high hopes of a PR this past Sunday and just didn't do it. Nothing went "wrong" or anything. I felt good, wasn't injured and had a plan that was doable. Sunday just wasn't my day.

After you have a race that doesn't go your way, it's typical to want to know why. It's human nature to want to point to A, B & C things and say THAT'S why I didn't do well. But I'm here to tell you, I went into this race focused and ready. I wanted to PR. That's all I talked about this weekend...just ask Keith & Ana. Sunday just wasn't MY PR day. Keith & Stef both told me that they just knew I was going to finish and be very upset. They suspected there could be tears. You should've seen the surprise on their face when I was smiling & laughing, not crying. At the end of the day, I know I did my very best and I can't be upset with that. You can't PR every race and that's OK. I have to give Ana props here. She has been absolutely awesome to me since becoming my coach. I'm learning a lot from her and understanding better & better how things work.

I hope this post doesn't sound negative b/c I really don't want it to. I had fun on Sunday (for the most part). I'm scratching my head about the swim b/c I felt good and thought I was swimming well. The bike was windy as all get out and I know the winds picked up as the morning went on. The fact that I pulled 17.2 mph out of it is a victory for me (the race results say 16.7 but I did the math and it's 17.2). By the time I made it to the run, it was nearly 100 outside and I did what I could. Or so I think.......

Many thanks go to Ana for the great advice and analyzing the results to help me see the good in my race. I'm also so thankful Keith, Stef & Avery made it out to cheer me on. They're awesome!!!

I'm back on the training wagon and hap hap happy!


  1. Love the new outfit!! Congrats on another job well done. You always impress me.