Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween Edition

I didn't plan to blog again today but my Halloween was so spooktacularly good, I just had to share with all of you!

I'll spare you the details of my long trek down to Sugar Land save to say, I made it safely. I headed over to Stef's casa to partake in some Halloween goodness as we were going to go trick or treating with my niece & nephew. Annie, Kiri & my mom also made it which was awesome. On top of that, our friend Veronica and her son Carson joined us. Cristian & Carson are close to the same age so we knew we were in for a good time.

I have been almost as excited as the kids for Halloween as Avery was dressing up as Princess Leia and Cristian selected Darth Vader for his costume. For those of you who know me well (hell, you probably don't have to know me well), you know I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. I mean, I really LOVE Star Wars. When they re-released the original movies at the movie theaters, I just knew I HAD to take my four younger siblings who had never experienced Star Wars on a big screen. I decided that we needed to make the experience as real as possible so I insisted we go on opening day. I also told them we would need to get in line very early to ensure we had good seats but that I would make it worth their while by getting them McDonalds. We got to the AMC theatre in Sugar Land and much to my surprise, the line was empty. Hmmm. Oh well, that means WE would be first in line and I was excited about that. I would have my pick of seats in the theatre and I knew exactly where we would sit......smack dab in the middle. As folks were showing up for other evening movies, my siblings would see kids they went to school with and made sure I knew how embarrassed they were to be standing in line (still the only ones in line) for the movie.

Anyway, back to the point of the blog. Oh yeah, you can imagine the joy and pride I felt when I learned my niece & nephew would go as Star Wars characters. Never being one to miss out on the fun, I promised I would wear my stormtrooper "party" shirt. I call it a party shirt only b/c the stormtrooper has on a bow tie. If that doesn't SCREAM party, I don't know what will.

Fast forward to trick or treating. Carson & Cristian grabbed their empty sacks and we set off on our way. Stef supplied the beverages: Capri Sun for the kids, beer or wine for the adults. As we made our way to our first few houses, we quickly learned Carson & Cristian didn't quite have this down. They would run up to doors screaming, "TRICK OR TREAT", ring the door bell and then say nothing. We reminded them to ring, wait for someone to open the door and then say the magic words. And of course, always remember to say thank you. Before long, Cristian was announcing to us and anyone within a 5 mile radius that this was the best day EVER. "Can you believe it's Halloween?" he would ask over and over.

Side bar. For those of you who are stingy, please remember to turn your porch light off if you don't want cute little trick or treaters. That's the rule so follow it. Trust me, I made mental notes of those who left the light on but then refused to answer the door. I'll be back.

Carson was the first to grow impatient when someone would take too long to answer the door. At one house, the boys took turn ringing the doorbell. When that didn't work, they would knock. Carson then pounded on the door. When that didn't work, he started to kick the door. LOL. Maybe you had to be there to appreciate it but trust me, this was hysterical. When that didn't work, Carson would test the door knob. Veronica jumped in just in time and asked him not to do that. Thankfully those folks locked their door. After another 15 minutes, the boys found themselves at yet another house that was taking too long to answer the door. This time Cristian tested the door handle and this one opened just as the owner was walking up! We were in hysterics on the sidewalk and I don't think it was my to go cup of wine. Trick or treating with little boys is the best!

Another house we went to had quite a bit in the way of Halloween decor. As the boys walked up the driveway, they noticed something scary hanging above the garage door. Neither of them wanted to keep going but we encouraged them to do so. They got to the front door where there were more decorations and we could hear them asking each other questions. The front door opened & the boys asked for treats. Shortly after that, Carson leaned in and said, "Ewwwww. You have a scary house". Straight from the mouth of babes!

As you can see, we had quite the evening and I can't wait to do it again next year! Little girls may be cute and fun to dress but I'm pretty sure little boys will keep you laughing for weeks.


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