Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ready ready ready ready ready to run!

I kind of have my work cut out for me come Sunday. As you know, it's yet another race week for me. And this one is in Galveston. I'm trying to refrain from saying anything more than that out of a fear of jinxing myself. While I'm not typically superstitious, I do find myself knocking on wood quite a bit, avoiding black cats and never walking under ladders. That's just common sense though. I'm not going to recap what has happened to me in Galveston as I did that a few weeks ago. All I will say is that from a racing perspective, I'm 0-2. Lot's of really good teams start the season 0-2 and then go on to do great things. Of course, there are a lot of teams that don't. But that isn't why I'm here today! Wait, where am I? Why am I here? Getting old sucks.

Before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my coach, Ana Lemus! I have really enjoyed getting to know Ana...she cracks me up! I need to start keeping track of the funny things she says both intentionally and possibly unintentionally. That will be my post-OilMan project. Anyway, she's awesome!

Back to the purpose of the post. Yes, I finally remember. Wait, I'm distracted again b/c now the dogs are sitting below me in a position you don't normally see two female dogs in. I'll just leave it at that. Ok, back to the post. Can you sad A.D.D.? So what's the big plan for the race? Well, I of COURSE have one! Since I'm missing a big weekend of training to go learn how to race, I'm going to have no choice but to push the run and make it hurt. I wish I recorded my conversation with Ana yesterday morning & this morning. Awesome. I have other things to focus on too but that's the big one. So at risk of jinxing myself, I will say no more about my race strategy.

Keith has been cracking me up with his Galveston messages as well. I'll spare you the contents of the first email I received today mainly b/c I would have to censor far too much and it really would lose it's meaning. The 2nd email was good too though.
"P.S. I really need you to kick ass, so I never have to go there again." - Keith

I especially loved how in one message, Keith referred to Galveston as a "shit swamp" and wasn't surprised at all to learn there were only 434 folks signed up for the Oly, a low number by most standards. I love my blog readers and so I want to say that if any of you are from G-Town or love the redneck riviera with all your heart, we do not mean to insult. In fact, I typically enjoy Galveston and only hate it when I have to do the drive of shame and head back to The Woods with no finisher's medal.....the main reason I race. :)

As promised in my Sunday post, the puppies are not making this trip. While I really hate the idea of not having them with me to cuddle, it's far more important I get some sleep that night and just relax and prepare for the race. Rumor has it Annie (my 2nd youngest sister) will join me. I'm not sure if she really will. Being that she's 24 and quickly approaching 25, I'm not sure she finds hanging out in a hotel room in Galveston with no alcohol as fun. I'm not sure what's wrong with her. Love you Annie and I hope you do come be my roomie!

One last thing. I'm always giving 24HR Fitness crap for having pools that make one itch. Let me tell you that I've been frequenting the Midtown club regularly now and that pool didn't make me itch and didn't smell like ben gay. The water was somewhat cloudy which I assume was a result of chemicals. My only complaint is that the pool deck area felt like a sauna. I think I heard someone saying the A/C was out and that was fine by me as that day was kind of cold. The pool water was a perfect temp and so I didn't notice the muggy deck. I plan my day strategically so that I can take my lunch early or late and hit the gym at non-peak times. My strategy has been working perfectly and this has really helped me get all my "to do's" done.

Ok, now I'm done. It's Wednesday so there's a high likelihood I will be back before Sunday but I can't commit to that. :) Happy Wednesday!

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