Monday, October 31, 2011

Let the race week begin!

I'm back for yet another race week post. When my season started, I didn't expect to be racing sooo much at the end of the year but with a new coach, I found that there were things I needed to work on and so, a few more races. Awesome!

So we're about 6 days from OilMan Half Ironman. For those of you who have been with me for awhile, you might recall this was my first 70.3 race. I'm so excited to be doing this race again and am really hoping for a great day on the course. I've just reviewed my workouts for the week and have looked at my instructions for race day so now I get to start visualizing my race. I've already taken my bike in to Bike Lane for a tune up/look over and all is in working order.

My friend & teammate, Chris Gause, is also enjoying race week this week. She'll be heading to Florida for her very first Ironman and I'm so excited for her!!!! I will be able to track her most of the day but will probably need to head to bed before she finishes and that's going to be hard to do! I promise you though, as soon as I wake up Sunday morning, I'll be looking for an update. Go Chris Go!!!!!

Keith is also signed up for OilMan as part of a relay team. My friend Dorina will be the swimmer (she was a swimmer growing up), Keith will tackle the 56 mile bike and then my speedy brother Luke will take on the run. If the schedule is anything like last year, Dorina & I should be in the same swim wave. It's likely she'll beat me out of the water but I'm just hoping to come out close enough to her that Keith & I will be within sight of each other on the ride. Luke will undoubtedly start the run before me so I hope to at least see him on two of the laps. It's going to be a fun, fun day.

My biggest goal for Sunday is to execute. I will tackle the swim much the same way I did in Galveston but will push a little more. I have my set HR for the bike and strict instructions from coach to keep my cadence in check and not to worry about getting passed on the hills. She wants my legs strong for the run. And of course, I know what I need to do on the run. Each loop needs to be faster than the one before it. Focus. If I execute the plan, the time will come. This is my new mantra. Execute. Execute. Execute. My secondary goal of course is to PR at this distance. I feel like this is doable, my coach feels like this is doable but at the same time, I can't focus on the number. I always focus on the number and then beat myself up if I don't make it. I'm learning though! Racing in Galveston was a blessing. Even though I may not have run as fast as I wanted, I improved from the previous race.

So that's it. My first race week post and I guarantee more will follow. Last year I went into this race very calm and ready. I feel very similar this year although I have a lot more excitement. I think that has to do with having Dorina, Keith & Luke out there with me. And of course, we'll have an awesome support crew. I know Stef & Avery will be there. Three of Keith's girls will be out there: Caitlin, Emily & Hannah. We wish Heather, Mike & Addie could make it but alas, they live in Chi-Town. At least we'll get to see them in a couple weeks!

There you have it. Race week is on. If you guys don't mind, send some positive vibes my way all week and on Sunday. I really, really want to end my tri season on a high note!!!!

See ya in a day or so. :)

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  1. Best of luck on Sunday! I will be out there for a bit, so I may see you out there:)