Monday, February 6, 2012

Back in the saddle again!

After two completely hellish weeks at work (60hrs each week thank you), I had very low expectations for my workouts this weekend.  I pretty much knew I would have a 10 mile run that left much to be desired and I was just praying I could make it up the hills on our ride today without getting off my bike and walking it.  :)  I'm happy to report that neither workout went as I had thought. 

There isn't much to tell about the run other than I was forced to do it on the treadmill.  O M G.  Talk about BORING.  While I have found myself indoors more often than I would like, I had really wanted to do my run outside this weekend.  Mother Nature, the mean old hag that she is, had other plans.  I made it almost the whole 10 miles before I couldn't stand it anymore.  My legs didn't give up, my eyes did.  I couldn't handle looking at the people in front of me on the treadmills any longer.  People were coming and going and I was stuck trying to get this workout in.  My nose also gave up as there were some stinky folks on the 'mills next to me.  I think 24 might have even had the heat on as it was a bit of a sauna in there.  I hopped off the treadmill and went on my merry way. 

This morning Keith & I ventured to Montgomery for the CHS Golden Girls Gold Rush Cycling Classic.  I am a good girl and did the 25 mile route as my coach did not want me going longer than 1.5hrs.  Keith went the 44+ route without me.  I love supported rides...I just find them to be so much fun.  I was excited to get to see so many folks I haven't seen in ages, meet a few new folks and ride with someone I never get to ride with (Kelley!).  What a fun, fun morning.  I wasn't scheduled for a run after my ride but since I was waiting for Keith, I figured I'd take a few loops around the parking lot.  It felt SOOOOOO good.  Rest assured coach, I kept it easy.  I really needed to keep warm while I waited!  :)  I know you understand.  Props to the Golden Girls for putting on this ride.  They were very energetic and were out yelling for everyone even though it was colder than a witches you-know-what.  Keith really enjoyed his first supported ride as well and is looking forward to the next one!

So now that I've had two great workouts this weekend, it's time to watch the Super Bowl!  I could care less who wins but because the Giants are from my home state of New York, I'm going to go ahead and cheer them on.  I would've made my pick based on who had the better uniforms but the colors are the same so no dice.  ;)  Kidding.  Or am I?

Oh, what weekend is complete without a trip to Home Depot.  I admit, before becoming a homeowner, I hated the place but now, L O V E.  I'm curious if they keep a record of what folks buy there.  If so, I'm pretty certain they are going to flag my name and quit selling spray paint to me.  Yeah, getting carded to buy spray paint is an awesome feeling.  WTH is wrong with kids today????  OMG, I sound so old!  I needed more spray paint as my collection lacks green.  I found the perfect shade....Oregano.  It looks more like something that might be found in a diaper but I'm pretty sure "baby dookie" would not be as good of a seller.  Anyway, I'm totally off topic now and I'm sure you're wondering what I was doing at Home Depot.  Well.....I was buying more supplies for projects I found on Pinterest.  I am so, so, so excited to give these next two projects a shot.  As I was driving home, I had grand visions of me starting a website and selling my creations.  Ahhh, wouldn't that be fun.  Reality started to sneak in as I wondered where-oh-where I would find all this spare time.  I can't quit my day job b/c let's face it, I'm not THAT crafty, I just follow directions extremely well.  And what about another Ironman?  If (errrr when) I sign up again, my spare time will be devoted to training (as well as weekly massages & pedicures).  I think it's time to rethink this website & business.  Maybe I should make a few more projects first and see how that goes.  

Well, it's time to sign off and get ready to watch the Super Bowl.  I'm pretty certain I'll be falling asleep as my grand plan for a nap today went to the crapper.  Happy Sunday!!!!!

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