Monday, September 10, 2012

September morn!

August was a month of highs & lows and I'm so happy to greet September with a big smile!  I had so much support from my friends, family & coworkers and even from a few unexpected folks.  I really am lucky!!!! 

I started a new meal plan when I returned from Utah and I'm  happy to report I've been super successful.  I was so nervous to start the program...mainly nervous I wouldn't be succeed.  I'm happy to report that I'm down 8lbs (and down 15lbs since June 18th when I weighed in at an all time high for me).  Following this program has been so much easier than I thought it would be.  So far, I've loved everything I've eaten (except the almonds and flounder I had today...blah)!  I don't have any cravings, I've been able to have some cheat meals and I feel satisfied.  Hell, I'm eating around 1,850 calories a day so of course I'm not starving!  So why am I doing this?  Well, I want to be faster and part of that means I need to drop some LB's.  I also want to look fit and be healthy.  Hey, nobody likes to look like a stuffed sausage when they put on their tri shorts.  :)  As if I didn't have enough motivation, Keith let me know he'll be taking me on an awesome trip to Turks & Caicos for my Birthday!  Yay!!!!!!!  But that also means a lot of time in a swimsuit and even more motivation to look good.  

So now let's talk about training.  I have been a girl on a mission the past several weeks.  I'm really putting my heart into all of my workouts and doing my very, very best.  I'm working harder with my nutrition and with my efforts during training.  I'm hoping all of this yields a respectable PR at the Houston Oly on September 30th.  I'm not looking for anything crazy...just to perform the way I know I can.  I think I can.  I think I can.  I know I can!

Keith & I spent Labor Day weekend at Canyon Lake with all 4 of his girls and their significant others.  It was a quick trip but so much fun...and one that may just turn into a tradition.  We ate, relaxed, took a trip on a pontoon boat and hung out.  I of course didn't disappoint and took a little spill when I took the dogs for a potty break at o'dark thirty.  The house we stayed in was at the top of a super steep hill and at the base of the driveway was a lot of loose gravel.  Well, I slid and had the choice of breaking my fall keeping hold of my precious puppies.  I think you all know what I picked.  The result was a swollen and scraped up knee.  I ran on it anyway that morning and it did ok but really started bugging me last week.  I'm happy to report that as of today, it looks much better.  When I told my awesome coach what I did, she reminded me to wrap myself in bubble wrap since I've got important races coming up.  Ahh, she knows me well doesn't she?  

I'm really hoping for a scar since dudes dig chicks w/ scars.  :)

So before I sign off, I just have to get something off my chest.  I can't remember if I mentioned a comment I saw on a past blog so if I already mentioned it, please forgive me for talking about it again. 

I occasionally check comments on my blog as I like to thank those who are kind enough to read about my boring life AND let me know they've been here.  I noticed in June or July that there was a new comment on a blog I posted in October of last year.  Weird.  When I read it, I saw it was a somewhat nasty comment about smoking.  In the blog, I had mentioned how Keith had been doing so well despite the fact he's still smoking.  Why would anyone bother to make a comment at all?  In all honesty, I have no issue if someone wants to make a constructive comment and wants to do it in a caring way.  But to make some snide remark is just uncalled for and immature.  And of course, the person made the comment anonymously.  Well alrighty then.  I decided at that point that folks would have to sign in to leave me a comment (sorry to any of you out there who are inconvenienced by this but I'm sure you understand).  Keith and I are about 95% sure (ok, he's 100% sure) we know who made the comment.  In my personal opinion, the person is probably just jealous that a smoker could beat them on the bike.  :)  I'm not condoning Keith's smoking, don't get me wrong.  I want him to quit and I ask him to consider quitting again.  The fact is, smoking is an addiction and it is difficult to stop.  Really difficult.  My job is to be supportive and encouraging.  He'll quit smoking when he's finally sick of me whooping up on him when we ride 1488.  :)  Love you babe!

On that note, I'm off to cuddle with my puppies who are downstairs whimpering as I type.  I'll be back soon though!

Happy training!!!!


  1. Hi Jenny, last comment didn't go so seeing if this works. I may repeat myself but ignore it. Belated sorry about your step dad. Still loving the blog! You will be beautiful in anything you wear on your B-day trip as will Keith be handsome!! Going to see if this will post and if it does maybe I will get it together and make sense in future comments. Anyway love you!! Zanetta

  2. Hey Jenny! Can you do a post of what kind of bike you started out with and any advice? I'm going to do the CB&I sprint tri and need to get a bike since I just have my old mountain bike from college which gets me to and from the park but don't think it will work for a race. I also don't want to go crazy since it will be my 1st.