Monday, September 24, 2012

Workin' hard for my reward!

A weekend full of training is behind me and I’m another week closer to my next race, the Houston Olympic Triathlon on September 30th.  I’m super excited for this race and a bit anxious (but in a good way).  This will be my first race after starting my new meal plan.  As of today, I am 10lbs less than I was at my last race (5k in Buffalo) and 17lbs lighter than I was at Shadow Creek Ranch.  I’m hoping that the weight loss will yield positive results at the Houston Oly! 

I’ve already decided that if I PR, my reward that night will be a sinful dessert.  I had my mind set on the brownie sundae at Crust but after seeing a picture of the Pizzcookie at BJ’s, I’m torn.  I’m leaning towards Crust though as I can get pizza before my sundae and will surely be in carb heaven.  Many thanks to Karen Maldonado for posting pics of the desserts she eats.  Karen, you’ve inspired me!!!!

Brownie Sundae or Pizcookie?  Oh man I've got a big decision to make!

I told Keith that it might make sense for him to make some signs with pictures of the brownie sundae on them to help encourage me.  I’m sure other competitors will get a chuckle when they hear him yelling, “Get you’re a$$ moving if you want to eat that brownie sundae tonight”!  My mantra on the run is going to be, “Brownie.  Brownie.  Brownie.  Brownie.”….think I’m obsessed?
I do have a few weight loss observations to share.  (1)  It’s super awesome to go into your closet and have everything that has been fitting snuggly the past few months fit as it should.  Just right!  All but one pair of my jeans fit perfectly and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s so nice to not feel like the Incredible Hulk when you put your jeans on and wonder if today will be the day your thighs bust the seams.  On top of that, I’ve had just enough shrinkage up top that some cute shirts I bought without trying on now fit just right.  I feel like I have a whole new closet!  (2) I do think it’s BS that I lose weight in my feet.  Seriously?  All of my heels are slipping off me very easily.  I know you can’t pick from which spots you’ll lose weight but I really don’t think my feet are in need of a slim down.  (3)  It amazes me the confidence boost one gets from making solid progress towards a goal.  I have been so, so, so excited.  I’m doing everything I can to stick to my plan and stick to my training.  I look forward to getting on the scale and seeing how I’m doing (note to self:  I will not weigh myself after having the brownie sundae).  I’m really proud of myself for tackling weight loss the right way and not obsessing over it.  I absolutely feel that I’m picking up new habits that will last long after I’m done with this “program”.  (4)  It would be easier if I told Chase what fish I like vs what fish I don’t like.  I’ve been a trooper and have tried flounder and grouper and disliked both….a lot.  I am so thankful for tilapia which has been a menu mainstay. 

So that’s about all I’ve got to share right now.  I’m excited to be starting a new week and looking forward to getting on the bike tonight and sweating some glitter.  


  1. I think you deserve the dessert you want! Wish I could be there to hear Keith encouraging you along!! Love you

  2. Brownie! Brownie! Brownie! Good luck this weekend!