Monday, September 24, 2012

Training Mode!

This past weekend was a great training weekend despite a few hiccups.  And let’s face it, aren’t there always a few hiccups?

My workouts last week were all pretty darn good but I have to admit, I ended the week feeling exhausted.  Keith is only home a few days each week and so I hated that I wasn’t feeling 100% when he got home but what’s a girl to do? I mean, I am in training mode after all.  

Changing his flat.  Poor guy!
Keith & I set out for a ride Saturday morning.  Our original plan was to drive out to the National Forest and ride from there.  We decided to skip that though b/c we wanted a little extra time to sleep.  We headed out on a route we really love just after 7:30am.  Not even an hour into the ride, Keith asked me how his rear tire looked.  I checked and sure enough, it was flat.  He changed it quickly and 5 CO2 canisters later, it was still flat.  We knew we weren’t far from a gas station so I headed that way and he walked his bike there.  We thought we would try to air the tire up with the one you use on cars.  No luck.  Once we knew someone could come get Keith, he sent me on my way to finish the ride.  I have a bunch of races coming up and he knew it was important for me to finish.  I really didn’t want to finish alone but once I got going, I was fine.  Actually, I was really fine!  As I hit 1488, I saw Bruce who was heading to get Keith.  I was down in aero, cruising along but patiently waiting for the boys to pass me.  As I got close to my turn at Tamina, still no sign of them.  I was a little perplexed as I was sure Keith would want to drive the route I was on to make sure I was ok (b/c he left me with no CO2 canisters).  I crossed over to Woodlands Pkwy and pulled into my neighborhood fully expecting to see them.  Nope.  After a minute or two though, they came pulling into my driveway and I must say, Keith was in shock!  I do not know how in the world it is possible that I made it home before them.  I mean, that just shouldn’t happen.  I must admit, I was pretty impressed with myself and headed out on my run.  I guess I pushed the bike a bit b/c my run just felt like stir fried crap.  I hydrated well, ate well, etc but I still had some leg cramps.  I was disappointed but shook it off.  It’s only a training run and it’s not the end of the world.  I was able to run through it which was important.  Did I mention I beat them back to the house?  I was on a bike.  They were in a car.  Ok.  Just wanted to make sure you all got that.

Post brick this weekend.
I set out on my long run yesterday hoping I wouldn’t have the same issues I had on my Saturday run and sure enough, I was good to go.  Thank goodness!  It did take me awhile to warm up but that’s ok.  I hit a nice rhythm and just enjoyed the morning outside.  I’m so thankful to have a body that is healthy enough to do all this stuff!  Lugging around now close to 20 fewer pounds doesn’t hurt either.  

So now it’s Monday and I looked at my very light training schedule.  Well, of course it’s light, it’s a race week.  Speaking of which, it’s RACE WEEK!  I have such a mix of excitement and anxiety and am just trying to make sure I channel it all the right way.  Nerves aren’t a bad thing to have as long as you know how to handle them and not let them get the best of you.  This will be my 3rd time doing this race and my 5th Oly.  I’m very, very excited to get out there and see what the day has in store for me.  I desperately want to have a PR.  More importantly, I want to run better (harder).  I know I have it in me.  I’ve done the training, weight is coming off and I want to do it.  Now I just need to actually do it!  I mean, I REALLY need for that brownie sundae or pizcookie to be mine.  
So that’s about all I know.  This week is sure to fly by and I can’t wait!  Houston Oly, here I come!


  1. Good luck!! I know you will do great!
    Love you

  2. OK, after trying to prove I am not a robot several times. Will try one more time. Good luck! I know you will do great!! Love you

  3. OK I didn't wait long enough for it to be approved. I'm learning. LOve you Zanetta