Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back in the saddle again...and lovin' it!

I'm happy to report I'm feeling back to normal. Still bummed about Galveston but have decided I am definitely NOT pulling out of IMTX and I am definitely going back to Galveston to race at some point in the future. I'm patiently waiting to hear the outcome of my NYC Marathon lottery application as this will dictate my fall races. I have found myself going from praying I get in to NYC to hoping I miss this year too so I can go to Galvestion in October for the 5150 (Olympic distance race). Stay tuned!

Due to my depressing mood following Galveston, I decided I needed to workout Monday even though I had a scheduled rest day. Part of me felt like I hadn't really earned a rest day so I better get back to training! I decided to go for an easy swim at the Nat. Chris messaged me earlier in the day to let me know she would be going. I think she went to make sure I went and to cheer me up b/c she's sweet like that. :) I went up there and we split a lane and pretty much did what we wanted. It felt great! I was more sore than I thought I would be but so grateful to be in the water. Tuesday brought a nice bike workout on the trainer and that went well too.

Last night I was back to the pool and we had a light crowd at the Nat. Coach Steve told me we would be working on my stroke b/c it was looking pretty pathetic. Fine by me! He gave me some pointers and then sent me on my way. Wow! What a difference from before. After just a few sets I could feel a difference. I felt stronger in the water when I focused on my stroke. It's funny you have to slow down to go faster. It seemed that every time I fixed one issue, Steve pointed out another. Geez! How bad am I? I must've looked concerned b/c he told me he was just being nit picky. After my 3rd set of 12x25, I was feeling good and anxious to hear what Steve thought. "Wow, you're starting to look like a swimmer" is what I heard from the deck. YAY!! I was so excited to hear those positive words. He bent down and asked me if I knew what I would hear if he was impressed w/ what I did (umm, no b/c I've never heard that type of feedback from you I thought). "Ooh la la. And that 25 was an OOH LA LA". Oh my gosh! I left the pool on cloud 9. It's one thing to hear the positive feedback but to also feel the difference in how I was moving through the water confirmed that I was making progress. I've got to keep this up b/c it's obviously more comfortable for me to swim "wrong" than right.

So what's on the agenda this weekend? 15 mile run after work tomorrow (yay), open water swim on Saturday if I can find anyone to go to Lake Windcrest with me and then 4hrs on the bike Sunday. The bike. Hmm. Right now my sweet little QR is in the shop for her tune up. Oh, I'm also getting a new front tire. :) I'm hoping to have a better ride this Sunday than I had last!

Happy training folks! IMTX is 5 weeks from Saturday. F I V E weeks!!!!!

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