Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Tale of Two Cities

The past week has been a whirlwind! Keith & I left for Chicago on April 1st via Penske truck and headed for Chi-Town to visit Keith's daughter Heather, her hubby Mike AND his GRANDBABY....Addie. The drive went well and Keith kept me laughing most of the time with his trucker talk. I'm still not sure a Penske truck qualifies as a "rig" but who am I go judge. I haven't had a chance to post pics yet but will soon. The highlight of the drive was definitely eating at my first truck stop diner. Talk about good people watching! After 18hrs on the road, we finally reached our destination...South Elgin, IL!

What a great visit we had! Addie is absolutely adorable and Mike & Heather are doing great! As I mentioned before, they moved from Arizona while she was VERY prego and to top it off, bought a home when they got there so it's been several months worth of "firsts". Anyway, Papa & Gigi (my nickname that we hope Addie will take to using when she sees me) were SUPER excited to be there and would've loved to have stayed longer. I have a feeling we will have lots of visits to Chicago in our future. :) The big surprise of this trip was how sweet their awesome dog, Gracie was. Being there was a new person in the family (Addie), we weren't sure if Gracie would be happy or feisty when we arrived. On top of that, I wasn't sure how I felt about sharing a nickname with Gracie (sometimes they call her GG which is like Gigi). I mean, who really wants to have the same name as the dog? I do!! I couldn't be happier to share a nickname with this pup! Gracie is an awesome dog and soooo pretty! She became my little buddy by the end of the trip and I was very sad to say goodbye to her.

We got home late Tuesday night and it's time for me to switch my focus to a little race I have this weekend by the name of IMTX 70.3. I'll be truckin' down to Galveston in a few short days to race my 2nd half ironman distance and this time, it's an mDot race. I'm not feeling the same exact excitement I did right before Ironstar but I think that's normal as that was my FIRST. I can tell you I feel very, very ready. My bike is definitely stronger than it was in November and I would say my swim & run are probably about the same. My only real anxiety has to do with the swim and how choppy it will probably be. I swam at Lake Windcrest a few weeks ago and felt sea sick and I think that was nothing compared to what Galveston can be. My coach told me to worry about only what I could control so it's time to stop thinking about the swim conditions and instead focus on how I will "attack" this race.

Galveston is a C race for me which means it's basically a long training day. The mother of all brick workouts. I will have to focus on MY race and not get caught up with who is or isn't passing me. This race serves a specific purpose for me and is going to make me that much more ready for my next big race in SIX SHORT WEEKS. All in all, I'm ready to get this show on the road and see what happens. I do hope I'm met with the same joy I had when I crossed the finish at Ironstar. I was on cloud 9 for weeks...probably all the endorphins released from 7+ hours of exercise! Either way, I'm ready to feel that way again.

Happy Wednesday to everyone!!! Be looking for another post before race day!

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