Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell - Matchbox Twenty

If I've been asked once, I've been asked a thousand times....are you crazy??? Seriously? Do you really have to ask me that question? Of course I'm crazy but this isn't something new that's come about as a result of signing up for an Ironman. No, no. I've always been just a little left of center...just ask my family.

I'm really not surprised I get asked if I'm crazy when I tell someone I have an "easy" 70 mile ride this weekend. Or how about when I say I'm going out for a "quick" 10 mile run? That usually gets a funny stare every time. The best is when I tell someone I'm soaking my wetsuit in the tub to get it nice and clean after swimming in crap infested water with dead fish floating around in it. Crazy is relative though (or at least that's what I tell myself in hopes of feeling better about my chosen hobby).

I had another IMTX dream last night although I can't remember most of it. The part I do remember is totally weird. We were on the bike course and they decided to make it a 5 loop course of The Woodlands and there were timing mats every 5 miles. After finishing the bike, I didn't feel like running so I skipped along the course. Seriously? Am I 5? My face was wet and I kept wiping it but it kept getting wet. I then woke up to Leia licking my face. All in all, not a bad dream but a little odd. Anybody with a dream book, feel free to look that up!

I almost forgot about my spectacular swim at the 24 in Sugar Land this week. I had a dr appt on that side of town so decided I would go to that pool since the one in The Woods is closed. You all know good & well I'm not fond of 24 pools but now I downright hate them. First, the one at my gym is closed until "further notice". Umm, inconvenient! Do they not realize I'm training for IMTX? I know it's for the best as I'm sure they're ridding the pool of whatever it is they put in it that makes my skin itch for days after swimming. And hopefully whatever they are doing will make it less cloudy. Anyway, I digress. The pool in Sugar Land is older and kind of sketchy. It is definitely larger than the pool in The Woods BUT they dedicate nearly half of it to folks doing absolutely nothing productive in the water. When I arrived, there were too guys hanging out in the big section just chit chatting. There was a lady floating on her noodle. Then there was another dude doing martial arts. In the water. Finally, there was a pretty big older dude doing giant arm circles while standing in the water. There are 3 lanes for lap swimming roped off but they are BEYOND narrow. Additionally,the lane ropes are clearly too long for the pool b/c they don't stay nice & tight...they move around when you swim, making your lane even more narrow. As I arrived, a lady got out and I had a lane to myself. I had no intention of sharing the lane I was in as it was just way too small. I started my 4,000 yd workout and settled into a nice groove. Everything was feeling good. I wasn't itching and it wasn't too cloudy. Arm circle man moved closer to my lane and every time I got to his end, I was treated to lots of splashing. Oh goodie. I got back to the end I started at and noticed folks showing up, waiting for lanes. The folks in the other 2 lanes were there longer than me so they would have to get out before I even thought about it. Normally I would look to see which of the folks waiting would be most acceptable to share with but decided that just couldn't happen in this lane. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. One of the folks was an old dude in a Speedo one size too big, the other was a lady with not one but TWO noodles and the third guy scratched his butt as I looked at him. Nope. You yahoos are just going to have to wait until my workout is done. As I was finishing up, I had a few kicking drills to do and strapped on the fins and grabbed the kickboard. Just then, some little dude swam under the lane ropes and into my lane. He popped up and I barked, "EXCUUUUUSE ME". His response? "Oh". About this time I really wished I had cool gadgets like James Bond and could press a button and have blades pop out of the front of my kickboard. I told him there was no room in the inn (my lane) and I would be done shortly. He clearly could tell I would kick his butt and got out of my lane and went & swam in the hot tub. Yes, I saw him try to swim in it. Wow. Needless to say, I feel I'm getting closer & closer to kissing 24 goodbye and running to the open arms of Villa.

So what's on the agenda this weekend? 18 miles by foot, 90ish miles on the bike followed by a run and an OWS if I can manage it. If not, I'll be headed to a pool to get my swim on. I'm looking forward to my ride tomorrow and am hoping it is uneventful and dry. I've been a good girl this week and think this is not too much to ask.

4 weeks from today I will likely be sitting on my couch, resting. I'll probably be getting ready to check my bike in. IMTX is F O U R weeks from tomorrow. As I think about it, my palms become sweaty and my HR increases. I am nervous, anxious, scared and excited. This big day will be here before I know it. Wow!



  1. The good part of you having to swim at 24 in Sugar Land is you got to see both your niece and your nephew in the middle of the week! We were happy you were down this way. And I've known you were crazy and unwell for a while now. I love you anyway!!!!

  2. Hope your 18 miles goes well - I am feeling very lazy, reading about all your training!

  3. Great Page!!! stumbled a crossed it when i typed "crazy" into Google. People call me crazy when I tell them I am riding my bike from Ohio to Texas this spring to see my best friend in Huston. Perseverance is key. Happy Racing!!!

  4. Good luck on your ride! That sounds AWESOME!!!